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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Rubrick's Ridge Boulders The Other Side Of Things Rock
V0- Shattered Face Boulder 5m
V0- North East Crack Boulder 5m
V0 North East Arête Boulder 5m
VB Descent Route Boulder 6m
V0 North Arête - Left Boulder 6m
V0- North Arête - Right Side Boulder 6m
V0- North West Face Boulder 6m
V0 Yellow Fever Boulder 5m
V1 Bob's Bulge - Center Boulder 5m
V1/2 Black Band Boulder 5m
V2 South West Arête Boulder 5m
V2/3 Schist Overhang Boulder 3m
V3 Bob's Bulge Right Boulder 5m
V4 Bob's Bulge - Left Boulder 5m
V4 Three Quarters Traverse Boulder 30m
V7 Roadside Acracktion Boulder 5m
Rubrick's Ridge Boulders Split Personalities Rock
V1 Desperate Personalities Boulder 3m
V2 Split Personalities Boulder 5m
Rubrick's Ridge Boulders Influences Wall
V4/5 Light Bulb Moment Boulder 5m
V7 Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Boulder 5m
V6 Impaired Choices Boulder 3m
V6 Double Blow Boulder 3m
Turtle Dome Boulders The Test Piece
V0- Sap Sucker Boulder 3m
V0- Rib Route Boulder 3m
V0 Jeff Lawler Route Boulder 3m
V1 Mikey's Mantle Boulder 3m
V1 Grunge Lunge Boulder 3m
V2 Jury Of Peers Boulder 3m
V3 Judge's Chambers Boulder 3m
V3 Anti-Trust Boulder 5m
V6 Murray Route - Left Variation Boulder 3m
V6 Murray Route - Static Variation Boulder 3m
V7 Murray Route - Original Boulder 3m
Turtle Dome Boulders Face Of Ever Changing Faces Metamorphic Traverse
V1/2 Unknown Problem 1 Boulder 3m
Turtle Dome Boulders The Blob
V2 Vladmir Blob Boulder 3m
V6 Love Handles Boulder
Turtle Dome Boulders Turtle Cave
V3/4 Terrapin Tumble Boulder 6m
Turtle Dome Boulders Pain Staker
V4/5 As The Skin Thins Boulder 5m
Turtle Dome Boulders Spokane Spike
V5 Bob Murray Problem Boulder 3m
Turtle Dome Boulders Overly Hung Boulder
V8 Knife In A Gun Fight Boulder 3m
V8 Don't Crowd The Plow Boulder
V7 Plow King Boulder
Turtle Dome Boulders Rain Shadow Boulder
5.0 Drop The World Sport 9m
The Land Of The Way Too High Boulders Boulder-Soar-Rex
V0 - 1 East Face Apron Boulder 5m
V5 The Vision Quest Boulder 5m
V5 R Any Which Way You Can Top rope 6m
V6/7 Rightward Ramps Top rope 8m
V2 The Squirrel's Bed Traverse Boulder 8m
V1/2 PG13 T-Rex Boulder 5m
The Land Of The Way Too High Boulders Stabbing Westward
V0 - 1 Mantle Problem Boulder 3m
V4 Stabbing Westward Boulder 5m
The Land Of The Way Too High Boulders Agony Of Da-Feet Rock
V1/2 Northwest Arête Top rope 8m
V2 E.B. Fever Top rope 8m
V2/3 Fancy In Your Fires Top rope 8m
V5 Seam Stress Top rope 9m
V2 Casual In Your Calmas Top rope 9m
The Land Of The Way Too High Boulders Thetea Kettle
V2 Trickificult Boulder 3m
V3 The Spout Boulder 5m
V5 Tortured Souls Boulder 5m
V5 The Ladel Boulder 5m
The Land Of The Way Too High Boulders The Kern Boulder
V5 R Crystal Nightmares Boulder 5m
V2 Crystal Images Boulder 3m
V7 Iron And Whine Boulder 6m
The Land Of The Way Too High Boulders The Black Knight
V2 Black Night Arête Boulder 5m
The Land Of The Way Too High Boulders The Dirty V
V5 Lubricious Luda Boulder
The Land Of The Way Too High Boulders Pyramid Boulder
V7 Lonely Are The Brave Boulder 5m
The Land Of The Way Too High Boulders The Grizzly Boulder
V7 Grizzly Northface Right Boulder 6m
Woodpecker Protrusion Boulders Woodpecker Protrusion
V0+ Mutha Jugs Boulder 6m
V1 Round Oddity Boulder 5m
5.9 The Awakening Trad 37m
Woodpecker Protrusion Boulders Witness Rock
V1 George, Marth And The Boyz Witness What Goes On Here Boulder
Rubiks Ridge
V1 Schist Traverse Boulder 6m
5.5 Rognile Dihedral Trad 12m
5.7 Brian's Dihedral Trad 15m
5.9 R Lo Shu Trad 21m
5.10a R Keystone Wise Crack - Left Fork Trad 15m
5.9 Whose Line Is It Anyway? Sport 14m
5.10+ Neon Ghost Town Sport 17m
5.11a Rushmore Bar Sport 15m
5.11 R Keystone Wise Crack - Right Fork Trad 15m
5.11d Kevin's Influences Sport 15m
5.13a Bein's Toprope Top rope 15m
1st Pigtail Bridge Boulders The Hog Wall
V2 Hog Wild Boulder 5m
V9 Pigs In Clover Boulder 5m
1st Pigtail Bridge Boulders Little Miss Piggy Boulder
V4 Babe Boulder 3m
V9 Pork Screw Boulder 5m
V8 Ultimate Porker Boulder 6m
V4/5 Little Miss Piggy Boulder 9m
5.7 Dave's Diagonal Sport 15m
5.9 R Over The Rainbow Trad 15m
5.9 Thanks Brent Sport 12m
5.10a Seismic Line Sport 15m
5.9 A Lady, A Gentlemen, And Bk Sport 15m
5.11a I Think I'm Going To Hurle Sport 12m
5.11b Ethics From The Armchair Sport 9m
5.13a Pot Of Gold Top rope 15m
New Domentions
5.7 Seams Like A Dream Trad 35m
5.9 Psycho Babble Trad 46m, 2
5.9 Mental Hopscotch Trad 34m
5.10- Left Teepee Left Trad 49m, 2

Showing 1 - 100 out of 175 routes.

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