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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
The Land Of The Way Too High Boulders Boulder-Soar-Rex
V0 - 1 East Face Apron Boulder 5m
The Land Of The Way Too High Boulders Stabbing Westward
V0 - 1 Mantle Problem Boulder 3m
Woodpecker Protrusion Boulders Woodpecker Protrusion
V0+ Mutha Jugs Boulder 6m
5.9 The Awakening Trad 37m
Rubiks Ridge
5.9 R Lo Shu Trad 21m
5.10a R Keystone Wise Crack - Left Fork Trad 15m
5.9 Whose Line Is It Anyway? Sport 14m
5.9 R Over The Rainbow Trad 15m
5.9 Thanks Brent Sport 12m
5.10a Seismic Line Sport 15m
5.9 A Lady, A Gentlemen, And Bk Sport 15m
New Domentions
5.9 Psycho Babble Trad 46m, 2
5.9 Mental Hopscotch Trad 34m
5.10- Left Teepee Left Trad 49m, 2
5.10 Fear Of Commitment Trad 23m
Raspberry Rocks West Face
5.10a Raspberry Corn Flakes Sport 27m
5.9 R Raspberry Blossoms Trad 30m
Raspberry Rocks The Ramp
5.9 Raspberry Shortcake Trad 15m
5.10 Raspberry Belay Trad 27m
Raspberry Rocks Weather Watchers Wall
5.9 Mohawk Overlooked Trad 23m
5.9 Paradise Lost Trad 24m
5.9 Uff-Da-Hedral Trad 56m, 2
5.9 Rocking Raspberries Trad 24m
5.9 Weather Or Not Trad 52m, 2
5.9 Pressure Drop Trad 27m
5.10a Dog Days Of Summer Trad 24m
Raspberry Rocks Old Wall
5.9 Friendly Finish Trad 23m
The Big Gash
5.9 Throwing Stones Trad 30m
5.9 Intestinal Fortitude Trad 29m
5.10- Sex Panther Trad 30m
5.9 Carving The Gash Sport 24m
5.10a Wargasm Trad 24m
5.10a The Deafening Roar Of Silence Sport 24m
5.10- The Day After Trad 17m
5.9 Bog Of The Eternal Stench Sport 52m, 2
Turtle Dome
5.9 Juniper Tree Trad
5.9 The Roof Trad 27m
5.10a Losing My Religion Trad
5.10 Pump And Circumstance Trad

Showing all 39 routes.

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