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Showing all 25 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Rubrick's Ridge Boulders The Other Side Of Things Rock
V4 Bob's Bulge - Left Boulder 5m
V4 Three Quarters Traverse Boulder 30m
Rubrick's Ridge Boulders Influences Wall
V4/5 Light Bulb Moment Boulder 5m
Turtle Dome Boulders Turtle Cave
V3/4 Terrapin Tumble Boulder 6m
Turtle Dome Boulders Pain Staker
V4/5 As The Skin Thins Boulder 5m
The Land Of The Way Too High Boulders Stabbing Westward
V4 Stabbing Westward Boulder 5m
Rubiks Ridge
5.11 R Keystone Wise Crack - Right Fork Trad 15m
5.11d Kevin's Influences Sport 15m
1st Pigtail Bridge Boulders Little Miss Piggy Boulder
V4 Babe Boulder 3m
V4/5 Little Miss Piggy Boulder 9m
New Domentions
5.11 The Evil Mojito Trad 37m
5.11+ Right Teepee Right Trad 49m, 2
Raspberry Rocks The Ramp
5.12- Dave The Evangelist Sport 24m
Raspberry Rocks Weather Watchers Wall
5.12a/b PG13 Mohawk Overdrive Trad 26m
5.11 Left Face Of Eve Trad 24m
5.12a R Cheap Seeking Missle Sport 24m
5.11c/d Rp Diagonal Trad 34m, 2
5.11c/d Not Yo-Stemite Trad 24m
The Big Gash
5.12a Slopey Seconds Sport 21m
5.11d Tweakin' The Xenophobes Sport 21m
5.12a Chicken Mcnabbitts Sport 27m
5.11d The Love Button Sport 30m
5.12a Beaver Sport 27m
Turtle Dome
5.11d In Search Of The Holy Rail Sport 18m
5.12a Balding Bob Ain't So Bold Sport

Showing all 25 routes.

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