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Showing all 16 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Rubrick's Ridge Boulders The Other Side Of Things Rock
V2/3 Schist Overhang Boulder 3m
V3 Bob's Bulge Right Boulder 5m
Turtle Dome Boulders The Test Piece
V3 Judge's Chambers Boulder 3m
V3 Anti-Trust Boulder 5m
Turtle Dome Boulders Turtle Cave
V3/4 Terrapin Tumble Boulder 6m
The Land Of The Way Too High Boulders Agony Of Da-Feet Rock
V2/3 Fancy In Your Fires Top rope 8m
The Land Of The Way Too High Boulders Thetea Kettle
V3 The Spout Boulder 5m
Rubiks Ridge
5.11 R Keystone Wise Crack - Right Fork Trad 15m
5.11b Ethics From The Armchair Sport 9m
New Domentions
5.11 The Evil Mojito Trad 37m
Raspberry Rocks Weather Watchers Wall
5.11 Left Face Of Eve Trad 24m
5.11b/c Awk-Wierd Raspberries Sport 12m
5.11b Top Rope Slab Top rope 27m
The Big Gash
5.11b Mixed Emotions Sport 29m
5.11a/b Happy Emotions Sport 30m
5.11a/b Terrorjism Sport 24m

Showing all 16 routes.

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