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Showing all 21 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
The Test Piece
V0- Sap Sucker Boulder 3m
V0- Rib Route Boulder 3m
V0 Jeff Lawler Route Boulder 3m
V1 Mikey's Mantle Boulder 3m
V1 Grunge Lunge Boulder 3m
V2 Jury Of Peers Boulder 3m
V3 Judge's Chambers Boulder 3m
V3 Anti-Trust Boulder 5m
V6 Murray Route - Left Variation Boulder 3m
V6 Murray Route - Static Variation Boulder 3m
V7 Murray Route - Original Boulder 3m
Face Of Ever Changing Faces Metamorphic Traverse
V1/2 Unknown Problem 1 Boulder 3m
The Blob
V2 Vladmir Blob Boulder 3m
V6 Love Handles Boulder
Turtle Cave
V3/4 Terrapin Tumble Boulder 6m
Pain Staker
V4/5 As The Skin Thins Boulder 5m
Spokane Spike
V5 Bob Murray Problem Boulder 3m
Overly Hung Boulder
V8 Knife In A Gun Fight Boulder 3m
V8 Don't Crowd The Plow Boulder
V7 Plow King Boulder
Rain Shadow Boulder
5.0 Drop The World Sport 9m

Showing all 21 routes.

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