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Showing all 24 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
V0 - 1 East Face Apron Boulder 5m
V5 The Vision Quest Boulder 5m
V5 R Any Which Way You Can Top rope 6m
V6/7 Rightward Ramps Top rope 8m
V2 The Squirrel's Bed Traverse Boulder 8m
V1/2 PG13 T-Rex Boulder 5m
Stabbing Westward
V0 - 1 Mantle Problem Boulder 3m
V4 Stabbing Westward Boulder 5m
Agony Of Da-Feet Rock
V1/2 Northwest Arête Top rope 8m
V2 E.B. Fever Top rope 8m
V2/3 Fancy In Your Fires Top rope 8m
V5 Seam Stress Top rope 9m
V2 Casual In Your Calmas Top rope 9m
Thetea Kettle
V2 Trickificult Boulder 3m
V3 The Spout Boulder 5m
V5 Tortured Souls Boulder 5m
V5 The Ladel Boulder 5m
The Kern Boulder
V5 R Crystal Nightmares Boulder 5m
V2 Crystal Images Boulder 3m
V7 Iron And Whine Boulder 6m
The Black Knight
V2 Black Night Arête Boulder 5m
The Dirty V
V5 Lubricious Luda Boulder
Pyramid Boulder
V7 Lonely Are The Brave Boulder 5m
The Grizzly Boulder
V7 Grizzly Northface Right Boulder 6m

Showing all 24 routes.

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