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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Breezy Point Boulders
VB kid lieback

Easy kid boulder

Boulder 2m
VB lieback crack

Dihedral crack faces bolted crag on this boulder near the NW end of field.

Boulder 4m
5.9 We'Re Just Passing Through Sport 17m
5.7 Made In The Shade Trad 15m
5.8 Touch And Go Trad 15m
5.7 Enjoy The Journey Sport 15m
5.8 Floridays Sport 15m
5.10+ Loose Cannon Trad 12m
5.8 Probable Cause Sport 18m
5.9 Disneyland Sport 15m
5.11+ Deductive Reasoning Sport 18m
5.10+ Around The Corner Sport 15m
5.7 No Lawyers Allowed Trad 18m
5.11- Sassy Trad 15m
5.9 Alibi Sport 21m
5.11 Crimp-Son & Clover Trad 29m
5.10b Beyond A Reasonable Doubt Sport 24m
5.12c PG13 Le Rêve Trad 29m
5.11b Hung Jury Sport 26m
5.10 Podnme Trad 29m
5.9 Fact Or Friction Sport 12m
5.9 For What It's Worth Trad 24m
5.10+ Little White Lies Sport 17m
5.10 Spunky Monkey Trad 24m
5.8 Guilty Conscience Original Sport 17m
5.8 Lazy Afternoon Sport 12m
5.9 Guilty Conscience Direct Sport 17m
5.9 Stay Of Execution Sport 15m
5.10d Death Sentence Sport 15m
Scenic Point The Tennie Shoe Boulder
V0 The Tennie Shoe Route Boulder 5m
V4 Lace Up Boulder 3m
V5 Nw Arête Boulder
V5 Tennie Shoe Traverse Boulder 5m
Scenic Point Manky Boulder
V0 Manky Boulder 3m
V1 Colonal Angus Boulder 3m
Scenic Point The Scenic Boulder
V2 Loose Control Boulder 6m
V4 Release Boulder
V5 The Gastonion Boulder 3m
V5/6 Release The Sheep Boulder
V8 Gnar Gnar Black Sheep Boulder
Scenic Point Lanky
V2 Lanky Boulder 8m
Scenic Point Cloud Shadow
V3 Glass Castle Boulder 3m
V5 Cloud Shadow Variation Boulder 3m
V4 Cloud Shadow Boulder 5m
V8/9 Hirsch Boulder 5m
The North Seas Rerighting The Gospel
V0- Rerighting The Gospel Boulder 5m
The North Seas The Cork
V1 Corkscrew Boulder 3m
The North Seas The Venue A Fate Worst Than Death Bouldder
V2 The Mantis Boulder
V3 Stiff Upper Lip Boulder
V4 Mcnabbs Arête Boulder
V4 Stiff Lower Lip Boulder
V7 A Fate Worse Than Death Boulder
The North Seas The Venue
V4 David Lee Roth Boulder
V5 Kansas City Shuffle Boulder
The North Seas Scuttlebutt Boulders Old Bull Boulder
V3/4 The Young Bull Boulder 5m
V8 The Old Bull Boulder 5m
The North Seas Scuttlebutt Boulders Two Perspectives Boulder
V7 Flow Wolf Boulder 6m
V8 Taco Cat Boulder 6m
V4 Hoo Flung Poo Boulder 6m
The North Seas Scuttlebutt Boulders Crossroads Wall
5.13a The Wurlitzer Sport 24m
The North Seas Third World Assassin Boulder
V4 Third World Assassin Boulder 6m
V4 The Assassin Boulder 6m
The North Seas Ptg Wall
V6 Passing The Guard Boulder 6m
The North Seas The Bus Stop Boulder
V8/9 Kiss My Grits Boulder
5.10+ R Narrow Escape Trad 24m
5.9 Just Don’t Think About It Morty Trad 21m
5.8 Step Of Valor Trad 40m, 2
5.8 How The West Was Won Sport 34m
5.7 Blood, Sweat, And Tears Sport 34m
5.11c Stems From Controversy Trad 24m
5.13a If You Can Climb It, You Can Condemn It Trad 30m
5.10d Don't Shoot, I'm Only The Belayer Trad 30m
5.11a The Safety Blade Sport 24m
5.11c Wrestling With A Fatman Trad 18m
5.12+ Grappling With The Dough Boy Sport 18m
Constitutional Dome
5.8 Constitutional Crack Trad 15m
Brad's Boner
5.11 The Devine Line Trad 14m
5.9 Brads Boner Sport 15m
5.8 Nothing But Fun Sport 15m
Lost Arrow Spire
5.9 Empty Quiver Trad 27m
5.10b Calculus Variation Trad 26m
5.9 Lean Python Trad 15m
5.10 The Bein Crack Trad 23m
5.9 Caught In The Act Trad 21m
5.7 A Window Shopping Xmas Trad 17m
5.10 Black Friday Sport 18m
5.11 The Gift Trad 18m
5.10+ Unforgivable Acts Trad 30m
5.10+ Sinful Act Trad 32m
5.8 Clearcut Lightline Trad 24m

Showing all 90 routes.

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