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Grade Route Gear style Popularity Crag
5.12- Hot Like Sauce Trad 30m, 2 The Marina
5.11 Yellow Bird Trad 55m, 2 The Marina
5.11+ The Empiricist Trad 30m The Marina
5.10+ Blue Flag Trad 30m The Marina
5.9 PG13 The Shaft? Trad 61m, 2 The Marina
5.8 R The Green Thumb Trad 20m The Marina
5.10+ All Of Her Sport 12m Redbird Canyon
5.9 Crickety Crack Sport 11m Redbird Canyon
5.6 School House Sport 11m Redbird Canyon
5.11 Shadow Temple Sport 12m Redbird Canyon
5.9 Sitting On The Couch Eating Cheetos Sport 12m Redbird Canyon
5.11 Everything's Better When It's Wetter Sport 12m Redbird Canyon
5.12 Bad Etiquette Bear Sport 15m Redbird Canyon
5.11 Ditch Witch Sport 11m Redbird Canyon
V3 Maple Whiskey Salmon Boulder 3m Custer
V4 Butt Sparkles Boulder 3m Custer
V6 Tepidus Boulder 5m Custer
V3 V3 Boulder 6m Custer
V5 The Hound Boulder Custer
V3 Quagmire Boulder 3m Custer
V4 The Art Of Flight Boulder 5m Custer
V3 Warm Up V3 Boulder 5m Custer
V3 Lugano Boulder 6m Custer
V7 Tessarête Boulder 6m Custer
V7 PG13 Flying Tiger Boulder 6m Custer
V8/9 Tessarête Sit Boulder 5m Custer
V2 Un-Happy Feet Traverse Boulder 8m Custer
V6 Sazerac Boulder 3m Custer
V4 Da Vinci Classic Boulder 3m Custer
V4/5 V5 Boulder 3m Custer
V3 Vital Energy Boulder 5m Custer
V3 Tropic Of Slabricorn Boulder 5m Custer
V4 Orgeat Boulder 5m Custer
V2 Mariana Trench Boulder Custer
V3 Corpse Reviver Boulder 6m Custer
5.6 A1 Beaver Creek Bridge Trad 30m Wind Cave National Park
5.5 Cold Spring Tower Trad 91m, 6 Wind Cave National Park
5.5 Loose As A Goose Trad 30m, 2 Wind Cave National Park
V1 Low Hanging Fruit Boulder 3m Wind Cave National Park
5.12 Bermuda Triangle Sport 9m Lightning Creek
5.11c Hijacked Sport 9m Lightning Creek
5.11+ House Of The Rising Sun Sport 12m Lightning Creek
5.10+ Beach Whore Sport 15m Lightning Creek
5.9 Jesco Sport 12m Lightning Creek
5.10- Sue Bob Sport 15m Lightning Creek
5.11+ White Lightning Sport 20m Lightning Creek
5.10+ Power Outage Sport 20m Lightning Creek
5.12c Short Circuit Sport 12m Lightning Creek
V7 Mad Man Boulder 3m Lightning Creek
V1 Lucky Lady Boulder 5m Lightning Creek
5.11+ Idle Hands Trad 24m Grizzly Bear Creek
5.10+ PG13 Moth To A Flame Trad 67m, 2 Grizzly Bear Creek
5.10+ R Sea Monster Trad 55m, 2 Grizzly Bear Creek
5.10+ Old Smoothie Trad 18m, 2 Grizzly Bear Creek
5.10- Stargate Trad 49m, 2 Grizzly Bear Creek
5.11- Three Yak Crack Trad 130m, 4 Palmer Gulch
5.11+ PG13 Keelhaul Trad 24m Palmer Gulch
5.7 Mr. October Also Trad 180m, 4 Palmer Gulch
5.9 Spicy Thai Tuna Trad 150m, 3 Palmer Gulch
5.10 Mr. November Too Trad 140m, 3 Palmer Gulch
5.6 The Corn Palace Connection Trad 210m, 4 Elkhorn Peak
5.8 R Boscherer Direct Trad 100m, 3 Elkhorn Peak
5.8 Chipmunk Stampede Trad 120m, 3 Elkhorn Peak
5.11- Bella Venetta Sport 14m Horsethief Lake Area
5.10d Rip Trad 24m Horsethief Lake Area
5.10 Political Nightmare Sport 46m Horsethief Lake Area
5.10+ Stairway To Heaven Trad 29m Horsethief Lake Area
5.10 Spanky's Delight Sport 29m Horsethief Lake Area
5.7 The Big Stick Trad 14m Horsethief Lake Area
5.6 Apollos Crack Trad 67m, 2 Horsethief Lake Area
5.11- Southbound Pachyderm Trad 62m, 2 Horsethief Lake Area
5.9 Sgt Baker Trad 52m Horsethief Lake Area
5.10- Green Ranger Trad 49m Horsethief Lake Area
5.7 Things That Shouldn't Be Trad 50m Horsethief Lake Area
5.9 American Life Sport 47m Horsethief Lake Area
5.11a PG13 Flugle-Urf Trad 27m Horsethief Lake Area
5.10d Liars, Beggars, & Thieves Trad 27m Horsethief Lake Area
5.10c Greetings From The Ground Sport 24m Horsethief Lake Area
5.14a Man Afraid Of His Horse Sport 21m Horsethief Lake Area
5.12+ Remnants Of A Fine Woman Sport 21m Horsethief Lake Area
5.10a Madam Mohawk Sport 41m Horsethief Lake Area
5.12b Gibbon Take Sport 37m Horsethief Lake Area
5.12- Ishmael Trad 43m, 2 Horsethief Lake Area
5.10 The Howler Sport 30m Horsethief Lake Area
5.11 Sneaky Baboon Sport 43m Horsethief Lake Area
5.13b Forbidden Colors Sport 29m Horsethief Lake Area
5.10+ Connfounded Trad 27m Horsethief Lake Area
5.12 Black Elk Speaks Sport 30m Horsethief Lake Area
5.10+ Almastafa Trad 23m Horsethief Lake Area
5.9 French Lavender Trad 23m Horsethief Lake Area
5.10- The Sweet Fancy Crack Trad 12m Horsethief Lake Area
5.7 Baked Chicken Wings Trad 15m Horsethief Lake Area
5.10- Hopscotch Trad 23m Horsethief Lake Area
5.8 PG13 The Pickle Trad 18m Horsethief Lake Area
5.10 North Rib Of Sultan's Tower Trad 91m, 3 Horsethief Lake Area
5.10+ Sultana Trad 110m, 4 Horsethief Lake Area
5.4 PG13 Sultan's Tower Trad 85m, 3 Horsethief Lake Area
5.1 Jinni Trad 21m Horsethief Lake Area
5.11 R Mickey Mouse Trad 20m Horsethief Lake Area
5.10+ Habbe Lobby Trad 52m Horsethief Lake Area

Showing 1 - 100 out of 2,944 routes.

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