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Author(s): Todd Goss

Date: 2022

ISBN: 978-19540400-4-5

Sharp End Publishing:
This meticulously researched Rock Climbs of Southwest Utah and the Arizona Strip guidebook will inspire you to explore the ever-expanding climbing opportunities in and around the St. George region.
  • With 8 rock types, 60+ areas and seemingly endless opportunities, the St. George region has become one of the West's premier sport-climbing venues
  • Routes run the gamut from novice to expert, and scenery from red rock to alpine
  • This diverse area boasts more than 1,000 climbs

Areas: St. George

Author(s): Dallas Lasley

Date: 2022

ISBN: 978-1-892540-77-5

Sharp End Publishing:
St. George, Utah has rapidly emerged as one of America's great climbing destinations, and St. George Bouldering is the definitive guide to all the amazing problems found near the resort city.
  • With abundant moderate problems, as well as mid-grade gems and unsent projects, St. George Bouldering gives the cordless climber plenty to do

Areas: St. George

Author(s): Karl Kelley

Date: 2022

ISBN: 978-1-954040-14-4

Sharp End Publishing:
Towers, crags, boulders—it's all in Moab, Utah. With Sharp End Publishing Moab Climbs: High on Moab, you can plan the perfect climbing trip.
  • Longtime Moab-local Karl Kelley draws from the town's climbing community and decades of experience climbing and developing routes on the world-class sandstone
  • Describes 1,000 of the very best climbs in Utah's picturesque red rock desert

Areas: Moab

Author(s): Thierry Souchard

Date: 2017

This digital guidebook presents a selection of 27 multi-pitch routes taken from the book Rock around the World. Routes are drawn on zoomable photos. The content of the guidebook is detailed in the OmegaRoc app.

Red Rocks: 19 routes Thanks to the very sculpted sandstone of Red rocks, it is possible to climb routes on very steep cliffs at quite moderate grade. The protections are good and quite easy to place.
Trad 6a grade is required

Zion: 8 routes In Zion, the routes are often more demanding both in terms of difficulty and climbing style. 
Trad 6b grade is required and a good crack climbing experience

Areas: Zion National Park

Author(s): Dave Pegg, Sibylle Hechtel and Josh Holmes

Date: 2012

ISBN: 9780982615492

A comprehensive guide to the cobbly, conglomerate rock walls of Maple Canyon, Utah, Maple Canyon Rock Climbs highlights more than 400 routes ranging in grade from 5.4 to 5.14.
  • Features detailed route descriptions to over 400 routes with 5.4 to 5.14 climbing grades, along with color photographs and maps to make route selection easier

Areas: Maple Canyon

Author(s): Karl Kelley

Date: 2018

ISBN: 9781892540355

Sharp End:
Located in the northern part of Bears Ears National Monument in Utah, Indian Creek is renowned for its sandstone crack climbing. Plan your visit with Creek Freak: Indian Creek Climbs.

Includes first ascent info, history and historical photos, overview maps, gear beta, required rope lengths, route length, camping beta and detailed cliff photos

Areas: Indian Creek Canyon

Author(s): Stewart Green

Date: 2020

ISBN: 9781493039357

Ideal for climbers who want to hit as many routes as possible in a weekend or short visit, Best Climbs: Moab showcases a variety of can't-miss, world-class climbs out in the Moab desert.
  • Longtime desert climber Stewart Green provides visually appealing, to-the-point information to guide you to the very best routes in the desert surrounding Moab
  • Includes climbs from multi-pitch traditional-style gear routes on beautiful sandstone towers to stellar, moderate sport climbs at Wall Street

Areas: Moab

Author(s): Thierry Souchard

Date: 2017

ISBN: 9782952638876

A selective guidebook describing 180 multi-pitch routes from 7 areas around the world, covering Calanques, Verdon, Sardinia, Meteora, Wadi Rum, Tsaranoro, Red Rocks, and Zion.

Areas: Zion National Park

Author(s): Gerald Johnson

Date: 2022

ISBN: 979-8437966679

Ogden's Schoolroom is one of the most developed areas in Utah's Northern Wasatch Front. This mile long continuous cliff band hosts regional test pieces, iconic routes, and a diversity of climbing for all skill levels, abilities, and disciplines. For those new or unacquainted to this area, navigating can be a hurdle for accessing and enjoying objectives. This pocket guide offers a detailed, comprehensive overview of routes and logistics.

Areas: Schoolroom Area

Author(s): David S. Black

Date: 2000

ISBN: 1-58592-060-6

Ice Climbing Utah is the only guide available that covers all of Utah's major ice clmibing areas - as well as many hidden, lesser known treasures.

Areas: Utah

Author(s): Eric Bjornstad

Date: 1997

ISBN: 1-57540-004-9

Largely short routes up incredibly accessible cracks, includes Wall Street, Long Canyon and the Potash Road near Moab, Utah.

Areas: Utah

Author(s): Stuart Ruckman, Bret Ruckman

Date: 1995

ISBN: 0-934641-88-9

The companion book to the new Wasatch Range climbing guide. Superb rock climbing on steep limestone in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah.

Areas: Wasatch Front

Author(s): Stewart M. Green

Date: 1998

ISBN: 1-56044-594-7

Fragile sandstone towers pierce the sky amid endless miles of vertical cliffs sometimes more than a half mile high; wondrous canyon walls of cobblestone and limestone overhang at dizzying angles; and granite domes and slabs recline on sunny mountain slopes. Rock Climbing Utah is the only guide available that covers all the major climbing areas in the state.

Areas: Utah

Author(s): Tim Monsell

Date: 1998

Rock and Ice Climbing routes. 74 pages with topos, photos and descriptions.

Areas: Logan Canyon

Author(s): Eric Bjornstad

Date: 1996

ISBN: 0-934641-92-7

The definitive guide to rock climbing routes in the magnificent national parks of the Colorado Plateau: Zion National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Capitol Reef National Park, Arches National Park.

Areas: Utah

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