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Showing all 33 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Top Ramen Boulder
V4 The Mask Boulder 3m
V2 Top Ramen Boulder
V0 Kevins Line Boulder 3m
Golightly Boulder
V3/4 Golightly Boulder 5m
V0 - 1 Lightweight Boulder 3m
V0 Light Show Boulder
V2/3 Lightyear Traverse Boulder 6m
V5 Don't Smite Me Boulder 3m
V4 Lights Out Boulder 3m
V4 PG13 Right Of Lights Out Boulder 3m
Control Boulder
V5 Locus Of Control Boulder 3m
V6 Polytechnic Boulder 3m
V7 Polytechnic - low Boulder
V1/2 Block Party Boulder 3m
V0 - 1 Remote Controller Boulder 3m
Pyramid Boulder
V0 - 1 Pyramid Arête Boulder 3m
V6 Pyramid Scheme Boulder 3m
V2/3 Pyramid Boulder 3m
V0 - 1 Pyramid Corner Boulder
8 Mile Slab
V0 Instigator Boulder 3m
V2 Instigator Direct Boulder 3m
V3 Slim Shady Boulder 5m
V0 Square Dance Boulder 3m
Sasquatch Block
V0 Pop, Lock, & Squatch Boulder 3m
V1/2 Wood Booger Boulder 3m
V2 Sasquatch Corner Boulder 3m
V2 Squatchin' Boulder
V2 Sauce Arête Boulder 3m
V2/3 Slosh Face Boulder 3m
Hill Top Boulder
V5/6 The Picnic Boulder 3m
V5/6 Instigator Boulder 3m
V5 Tee-Off Time Boulder 5m
Theorem Block
V5/6 Pythagorean Arête Boulder 3m

Showing all 33 routes.

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