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Showing all 38 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
East Labyrinth Origins Boulder
V2 Jonesy-Jones Boulder 8m
V1/2 On Beyond Piton Boulder 6m
V2/3 Pappaw's Bones Boulder 6m
V2 Wood Booger Boulder 3m
East Labyrinth Devil's Boulder
V2 Devils Slab Boulder 3m
V2 Devils Arête Boulder 3m
East Labyrinth Singularity Boulder
V2/3 Singularity Highball Boulder 8m
East Labyrinth Shawshank Boulder
V1/2 First Aid Boulder 6m
V2 Princess Bride Boulder 5m
East Labyrinth Jurassic Park Boulder
V2 Veggieosaurus Boulder 6m
East Labyrinth Adventure Time Block
V1/2 Finn Boulder
V1/2 Jake Boulder 3m
East Labyrinth Holy Moly Boulder
V2 Francis Or Frances? Boulder 6m
East Labyrinth Golden Shield
V2 Golden Crescent Boulder 5m
East Labyrinth Crystalight Boulder
V2 Boogie-Woogie Boulder 5m
East Labyrinth Sunset Boulder
V2 My Beloved Boulder 6m
East Labyrinth Stewball Boulder
V2/3 Stewball Boulder 5m
East Osborne Rock/ridge Osborne West Dr. Seuss Boulder
V2 The Lorax Boulder 6m
V1/2 One Fish, Two Fish Boulder 6m
V2 The Grinch Boulder 6m
East Osborne Rock/ridge Osborne North Continent Boulder
V2 Denial River Boulder 3m
V2 Pangaea Boulder 3m
East Osborne Rock/ridge Osborne East Theotókos Boulder
V2 Divine Arête Boulder 5m
East Flag Rock Bath House Blocks Bath House Roof
V2/3 Bath Houseproblem Boulder 3m
East Lower Reservoir The Sanctuary
5.11- Hippopotamus Lizards Sport 14m
5.10+ The Better Nova Sport 18m
5.11a Trail Of The Lonesome Stone Sport 18m
5.10 Dad Bod Sport 15m
West Devil's Boulders Devil's Roof
V1/2 Speak No Evil Boulder 3m
West Devil's Boulders Snack Roof
V2 Meat Snack Boulder 5m
West Cliff Mountain Boulders Turtle Area Jump Block
V2 Scream Side Boulder 3m
West Cliff Mountain Boulders Turtle Area Think Blocks
V2 Run & Jump Boulder 3m
West Cliff Mountain Boulders Turtle Area Friction Boulder
V1/2 Friction Arête Boulder 3m
West Cliff Mountain Boulders Turtle Area Slide Boulder
V2 Slide Arête Boulder 3m
V2 Cannonball Arête Boulder 3m
West Cliff Mountain Boulders Turkey Area Fun Wall
V2 Fun In The Sun Boulder 5m
West Cliff Mountain Boulders Top Gun Area Flat Tire Boulder
V2 Flat Tire Boulder 5m
West Camp Rock Ridge Uncle D's Book Shelf
V2 Love & Responsibility Boulder 5m

Showing all 38 routes.

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