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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Labyrinth Origins Boulder
V2 Jonesy-Jones Boulder 8m
V1/2 On Beyond Piton Boulder 6m
V2/3 Pappaw's Bones Boulder 6m
V2 Wood Booger Boulder 3m
Labyrinth Devil's Boulder
V2 Devils Slab Boulder 3m
V2 Devils Arête Boulder 3m
Labyrinth Singularity Boulder
V2/3 Singularity Highball Boulder 8m
Labyrinth Shawshank Boulder
V1/2 First Aid Boulder 6m
V2 Princess Bride Boulder 5m
Labyrinth Jurassic Park Boulder
V2 Veggieosaurus Boulder 6m
Labyrinth Adventure Time Block
V1/2 Finn Boulder
V1/2 Jake Boulder 3m
Labyrinth Holy Moly Boulder
V2 Francis Or Frances? Boulder 6m
Labyrinth Golden Shield
V2 Golden Crescent Boulder 5m
Labyrinth Crystalight Boulder
V2 Boogie-Woogie Boulder 5m
Labyrinth Sunset Boulder
V2 My Beloved Boulder 6m
Labyrinth Stewball Boulder
V2/3 Stewball Boulder 5m
Osborne Rock/ridge Osborne West Dr. Seuss Boulder
V2 The Lorax Boulder 6m
V1/2 One Fish, Two Fish Boulder 6m
V2 The Grinch Boulder 6m
Osborne Rock/ridge Osborne North Continent Boulder
V2 Denial River Boulder 3m
V2 Pangaea Boulder 3m
Osborne Rock/ridge Osborne East Theotókos Boulder
V2 Divine Arête Boulder 5m
Flag Rock Bath House Blocks Bath House Roof
V2/3 Bath Houseproblem Boulder 3m
Lower Reservoir The Sanctuary
5.11- Hippopotamus Lizards Sport 14m
5.10+ The Better Nova Sport 18m
5.11a Trail Of The Lonesome Stone Sport 18m
5.10 Dad Bod Sport 15m

Showing all 28 routes.

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