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Showing all 41 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Labyrinth Origins Boulder
V3/4 Wrought Iron Boulder 3m
V3/4 Shayne's Traverse Boulder 3m
Labyrinth Allegory Boulder
V4 Allegory Of The Cave Boulder 6m
V4/5 R Inner Beauty Boulder 6m
Labyrinth Shawshank Boulder
V3/4 Shawshank Redemption Boulder 6m
Labyrinth Jurassic Park Boulder
V4/5 The Chaotician Boulder 6m
Labyrinth Sunset Boulder
V4/5 Sailors Take Flight Boulder 6m
Labyrinth Deep Thought Block
V3/4 All Of The Sudden Boulder 6m
Labyrinth White Dwarf Boulder
V4/5 Nebula Boulder 5m
Labyrinth Gospel Boulder
V3/4 Nothing But Time - right Boulder 5m
V3/4 Done With The Troubles - direct Boulder 5m
V3/4 Troubles - left Boulder 5m
V3/4 Cotton Patch Gospel - direct Boulder 5m
Labyrinth Betty Boulder
V3/4 Black-Toed Betty Boulder 3m
Labyrinth Sticks & Stones Block
V4/5 Sticks Start Boulder 3m
V3/4 Stones Start Boulder 3m
Labyrinth Napoleon Block
V4 Left Into Napoleon Boulder 3m
Labyrinth Willie's Treasure Bloc
V4 One Eyed Willie Boulder 3m
Labyrinth Villian Boulder
V4 the Villain Boulder 6m
Osborne Rock/ridge Osborne West Independence Boulder
5.12a Best Flag-Day Ever Sport 17m
Osborne Rock/ridge Osborne North Continent Boulder
V4/5 Plate Tectonics Boulder 3m
Osborne Rock/ridge Osborne East Theotókos Boulder
V4 Mother Mary - SS Boulder 3m
Osborne Rock/ridge Osborne East Ravine Block
V4/5 Left Machine Boulder 3m
V4 Groove Machine - Sd


Boulder 3m
V4/5 Iron And Whine Boulder 3m
Osborne Rock/ridge Osborne East Track Block
V4 Track Of Time Boulder 3m
V4 Lost Track Of Time Boulder 3m
Flag Rock Bath House Blocks Bath House Roof
V4 Bath House Problem - extension Boulder 5m
Flag Rock Pavilion Area Trinity Boulder
V4 Trinity For Life Boulder 6m
Flag Rock Pavilion Area Danger Boulder
V4/5 Danger Sequence Boulder 3m
Flag Rock Forbidden Area Flag Roof
V3/4 Flag Roof Left Boulder 6m
V4 Center Flag Roof Boulder 6m
Flag Rock Forbidden Area Sky Rock
V4 Sky Light Boulder 3m
Clear Creek Balanced Rock Boulders Balanced Rock
V3/4 Bail Out Boulder 5m
Clear Creek Balanced Rock Boulders Meth Block
V3/4 Red Phosphorus Boulder 3m
V4 Ammonia Arête Boulder 3m
Clear Creek Balanced Rock Boulders Ripple Roof
V3/4 Ripple Roof Boulder 5m
Clear Creek Falin Boulders Spirit Boulder
V4 Spirit Boulder 5m
V4 Ol' Iron Side Boulder 6m
Lower Reservoir The Sanctuary
5.11+ Return Of The Mac Sport 18m
5.12- The Brethren Sport 18m

Showing all 41 routes.

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