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Showing all 19 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Labyrinth Allegory Boulder
V4/5 R Inner Beauty Boulder 6m
Labyrinth Jurassic Park Boulder
V4/5 The Chaotician Boulder 6m
Labyrinth Adventure Time Block
V5/6 Alabama Chicken Boulder 2m
Labyrinth Golden Shield
V5 Golden Hour Boulder 5m
Labyrinth Crystalight Boulder
V5/6 Crystal Light Dancer Boulder 5m
Labyrinth Sunset Boulder
V4/5 Sailors Take Flight Boulder 6m
Labyrinth White Dwarf Boulder
V4/5 Nebula Boulder 5m
V5 X White Dwarf Boulder 8m
Labyrinth Gospel Boulder
V5/6 Gospel - left Boulder 5m
Labyrinth Sticks & Stones Block
V4/5 Sticks Start Boulder 3m
Labyrinth High Water Boulder
V5 Hell Or High Water Boulder 8m
Osborne Rock/ridge Osborne North Continent Boulder
V4/5 Plate Tectonics Boulder 3m
Osborne Rock/ridge Osborne North Roadside Boulder
V5 Osborne Dyno Boulder 3m
Osborne Rock/ridge Osborne East Ravine Block
V4/5 Left Machine Boulder 3m
V4/5 Iron And Whine Boulder 3m
Osborne Rock/ridge Osborne East Track Block
V5 Lost Track Boulder 3m
Flag Rock Pavilion Area Danger Boulder
V4/5 Danger Sequence Boulder 3m
Flag Rock Forbidden Area Flag Roof
V5/6 Flag Roof Direct Boulder 6m
Flag Rock Forbidden Area Zombie Boulder
V5 Zombie Hand Boulder 3m

Showing all 19 routes.

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