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Showing all 27 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Breaks Prospectors Trail Prospector's Roof
V3/4 Prospector's Roof Boulder 6m
Breaks Camp Branch Trail Spring Break Boulder
V3 Flunky Boulder 3m
V3/4 Underachiever Boulder 3m
Towers/lodges Towers Right
5.11 Breaking The Chain Sport 26m
5.10a V5 Break Down Sport 17m
Towers/lodges Towers
5.11b Intestines Slide Sport 18m
5.11c Malicious Wounding Sport 18m
Towers/lodges Lodges
5.11b Friends Don't Let Friend's Climb Fat Sport 18m
Prospectors Breaking Into Trad
5.11c Electric Lichen Trad 17m
5.11a/b Electric Slide Trad 15m
5.11b Orange Slice Trad 14m
5.11 Breaking Tradition Trad 15m
5.11 Block Tower Reach-Around Trad 20m
5.11 Block Party Trad 20m
Prospectors State Line 2nd Tier
5.11c R Squatch Yourself Trad 18m
5.11 Ancient Coexistence Sport 18m
Prospectors Eastern Prospectors
5.11c Early Bird Sport 20m
The Notches
5.11 Cromagnon Trad 18m
Pinnacle Rock Area Pinnacle Left
5.11 Dingleberry Shower Sport 17m
Pinnacle Rock Area Froopy Land Pillar
5.11 Alley-Froop Sport 14m
Pinnacle Rock Area Ginger Wall
5.11 Burning Man Trad 18m
5.11b/c Hand In The Bush Sport 18m
Pinnacle Rock Area Pinnacle Overlook
5.11 Respect Your Locals Sport 18m
Grey Wall
5.11 Trew Grit Trad
Pool Point River Access & Recreation Area
5.11 Flowage Sport
Pool Point Coal Wall
5.11c Black Lung Sport 15m
5.11 R7 Sport 15m

Showing all 27 routes.

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