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Grade Route Gear style Popularity Crag
Unknown year
5.10c Big Bang Theory Unknown Harrisonburg
5.11c Courage For Your Crux Sport 20m Mile Two
5.8 Ramp Romp Unknown Harrisonburg
5.10+ Hueco Trad Line Trad 20m Mile Two
5.9 Acute Angles Unknown Harrisonburg
5.10c 12 Oz. Shotgun Sport 15m Mile Three
5.9 Pass the Hat Unknown Harrisonburg
V4 Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Boulder 3m Jaybird Gorge
5.10 Green Snot Unknown Harrisonburg
V2 Silicone On Bones Boulder 3m Jaybird Gorge
V0+ Melissa's Traverse Boulder Harrisonburg
V3 Steam Factory Boulder 5m Jaybird Gorge
V2 Punji Sticks Boulder Harrisonburg
V1 Yacht Club Boulder 3m Jaybird Gorge
5.6 Osterland Trad Blue Ridge Parkway
5.10c Call Of The Mammal Sport 11m Jaybird Gorge
V5 Handle With Care Boulder 5m Jaybird Gorge
5.9 Unknown Trad 15m Richmond
V1 Hardcore Soft Porn Boulder 5m Devil's Marbleyard
V1 Tail Of The Whale Boulder 5m Richmond
V3/4 Prospector's Roof Boulder 6m Breaks Interstate Park
V0 Scuttle The Jib Arête Boulder 3m Richmond
5.6 Business Socks Sport 12m Breaks Interstate Park
V0+ Lower Rail Boulder 3m Mint Springs Park
5.10- Breakthrough Sport 24m Breaks Interstate Park
5.8 Trouble On Ropes Top rope 12m Blue Ridge Parkway
5.11c Early Bird Sport 20m Breaks Interstate Park
V5 Giant Green Goober Boulder Blue Ridge Parkway
5.12- Melungeon Sport 21m Breaks Interstate Park
5.6 Nice N Easy Trad 17m Blue Ridge Parkway
5.10d Crash Landing Sport Breaks Interstate Park
V0+ Damn Moss! Boulder 3m Beaver Creek Reservoir
5.11a The Gobbler Sport 18m Breaks Interstate Park
5.6 Eldorado Trad Goshen Pass
5.8 Stonega Sport 14m Appalachia
V2 Pharoh's Dance Boulder 5m P.A. Byrom Park
5.9 PG13 Chin Up, Cheer Up Top rope 8m Shenandoah National Park
5.11c Spice Of Life Trad 14m Pinnacle Ridge
V2/3 Lazy Lightning Boulder 5m Shenandoah National Park
V2 Danger Noodle Boulder 5m Richmond
5.8 Longhorn Trad 30m Shenandoah National Park
V4 Hp Style Boulder 3m McAfee's Knob
V3/4 Shank's Razor Boulder 5m Springfield
V5 Donkey Punch Boulder 3m McAfee's Knob
V0 - 1 Dragon Crack Boulder 3m McAfee's Knob
V6 Power Of Jack Boulder 3m Highlands
V5 Palomino Boulder 5m Highlands
V2 Homesteader Boulder 3m Picnic Area
V6/7 Inappropriate Pig Behavior Boulder 3m Picnic Area
V7/8 Ultraquist Sit Boulder 3m Picnic Area
V4 Street Fighter Boulder 3m Picnic Area
V4 Hyperion Crack Boulder 3m Picnic Area
V6 Dangerous Game Boulder 3m Picnic Area
V6 Crimptonite Boulder 3m Boneyard Area
V0 Roadside Warm-Up Boulder 3m Boneyard Area
V0 - 1 Robot Love Boulder 3m Boneyard Area
V3/4 Sweet'N Low Traverse Boulder 6m Boneyard Area
V3 Micro-Burst Boulder 2m Boneyard Area
V4 Old Spice Traverse Boulder 3m Boneyard Area
V0 - 1 Atom Smasher Boulder 3m Boneyard Area
V4/5 Griller Boulder 3m Campground Area
V5 Strength In Numbers Boulder 5m Listening Rock Trail
V4 Lingual Arête - Sd Boulder 3m Listening Rock Trail
V8 M.O.W. Low Boulder 6m Listening Rock Trail
V7 Great Escape Boulder 5m Listening Rock Trail
V1 Grange Hall Boulder 5m Listening Rock Trail
V3 Gray Squirrel Boulder Listening Rock Trail
V5 Blunt Force Trauma Boulder 3m Listening Rock Trail
V2/3 Jason & The Jetsons Boulder 5m Listening Rock Trail
V3 Apolune Boulder 8m Listening Rock Trail
V4 Bitter Buffalo Boulder 3m Contact Station Area
V5 True Grit Left Boulder 5m Contact Station Area
V7/8 Fifty Percent Chance Boulder 5m Haw Orchard
V5 Creative Control Boulder Haw Orchard
V3/4 Thunder Arête Boulder 3m Haw Orchard
V2 Amanitas Arête Boulder 3m Haw Orchard
V3 R Calamity Arête Boulder 5m Haw Orchard
V4/5 Dorothy Boulder 3m Haw Orchard
V5 Fit To Be Tied Boulder 3m Haw Orchard
V3 Eagle Arête Boulder 3m Bearpen Boulders
V6 Tournament Of Champions Boulder 3m Roadside Boulders
V1 Poison Ivy Boulder Drop Area
V3 Tragedy Of The Commons Boulder 3m Main Boulder Area
V2 Roadside Roulette Boulder 3m Roadside Boulders
V0 No Atheists In Foxholes Boulder 3m Upper Deck
V6 Proj Boulder 5m Upper Deck
V4 Crump Or Dump Boulder 3m Stones
V2 The Table Is Turned Boulder 3m Stones
5.8 Twisted Ankle Unknown Raven's Roost
V8 Wasabi Wow Boulder 3m Stones
5.10a Squeeze Play Unknown Tunstall's Tooth
V7/8 The Piano Man Boulder 6m Stones
5.8 Crack Back Unknown 21m Shenandoah National Park
V3 Yolk Boulder 3m Egg Basket
5.9 Archful Dodger Unknown Shenandoah National Park
V3 Secret Squirrel Boulder 3m Cascades
5.4 Layback Dihedral
Unknown Great Falls
V2/3 Slosh Face Boulder 3m Cascades
5.9 Romeo's Nose
Unknown 11m Great Falls
V0 - 1 Pay Per View Arête Boulder 3m Cascades

Showing 1 - 100 out of 4,064 routes.

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