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Author(s): Alberto Boza

Date: 2015

ISBN: 9788494339929

A selective guidebook describes 27 of the best multi-pitch rock climbing routes on the Picu Urriellu in the Picos de Europa, between 140m and 550m long.

Areas: Naranjo de Bulnes

Author(s): Luis Alfonso

Date: 2019

ISBN: 9788493952389

A selective guidebook describing the multi-pitch routes in the Montsec Mountains in the Lleida region of Spain around Ager, Canelles and El Doll with grades between F5 and F6c.

Areas: Mirador del Montsec

Author(s): Luis Alfonso

Date: 2016

ISBN: 9788493952358

A selective guidebook describing the multi-pitch rock climbing at Montrebei (Mont Rebei) in the foothills of the Pyrenees near Pont de Suert, with many routes between 150m and 400m long.

Areas: Congosto de Montrebei

Author(s): Joan Escuer and Jordi Marmolejo

Date: 2014

ISBN: 9788461676675

A selective guidebook covering 200 multi-pitch limestone routes at Mont-Roig, which is near Camarasa and Balaguer in the Lleida area of Spain.

Areas: Mont Roig

Author(s): Javier Morales and Jose Mancera

Date: 2023

A comprehensive guidebook describing 16 sport climbing areas around Granada and over 2,600 routes, across a wide range of grades. Crags covered are Alfacar, Cerro del Toro, Cogollos de la Vega, Darro, Dílar, Lagos, Loja, Los Cahorros, Los Vados, Moclín, Montefrío, Peña Cabrera, Piñar, Poloria, Viznar and Zújar.

Areas: Granada

Author(s): Steve Toal

Date: 2019

The Central Grampians Comprehensive Guide books are the most extensive climbing guide to the Grampians. With two volumes they cover the popular areas but also many of which have never been in print before.

Volume 2 of the Central Grampians guide covers the West and South regions and features over 970 routes spread over 55 crags. Painstakingly put together by Steve Toal, his guides have now become the go-to for climbers for the area.

Areas: Grampians

Author(s): Steve Toal

Date: 2019

The Central Grampians Comprehensive Guide books are the most extensive climbing guide to the Grampians. With two volumes they cover the popular areas but also many of which have never been in print before.

Volume 1 of the Central Grampians guide covers the North and East regions and features over 1400 routes spread over 124 crags. Painstakingly put together by Steve Toal, his guides have now become the go-to for climbers for the area.

Areas: Grampians

Author(s): Mike Forward and Peter Balint

Date: 2023

With 2065 bouldering problems ranging from V0-V15 across 57 areas nestled around Sydney, the all new Sydney Bouldering Guide will keep you occupied for years to come. Just because we live in Sydney we'll try not to be biased but honestly this city has some amazing bouldering and usually not more than a few minutes off the road or some even near parks and train stations. There's no need to camp out and trek for hours to get to world class problems, they're right on your door step.

Authors Mike Forward and Peter Balint spent over 7 years putting this guide together and is the first new bouldering guide for Sydney in over 20 years. It's over 350 colour pages including 600+ colour photo tops, crag tops, amazing images and more.

Areas: Sydney Metropolitan

Author(s): Paolo Vitali

Areas: Lecco & Como (Milano)

Author(s): T. Wälti

Date: 2023

Amden / Churfirsten / Sarganserland / Alvier / Liechtenstein: over 60 climbing areas - from climbing gardens to wild alpine routes

Areas: Liechtenstein , Appenzeller Alpen , Sarganserland

Author(s): Javier Magallon

Date: 2023

Climbing guidebook for traditional multi-pitch routes in Teruel - 220 classic routes in total

Areas: Teruel

Author(s): G. Bergese, G. Ghibaudo

Date: 2023

The Argentera massif with the Corno Stella is one of the most interesting massifs in the Southern Alps - 235 routes - mountaineering routes / modern multi-pitch routes / single-pitch sport routes

Areas: Corno Stella

Author(s): A. Conz, R. Bernard

Date: 2023

The Sella Group is simply gigantic: it is home to hundreds and hundreds of routes - 255 multi-pitch routes are presented in this climbing guidebook

Areas: Gruppo del Sella

Author(s): M. Stadler

Date: 2023

The Climbing Guidebook Bavarian Alps Volume 1 - Chiemgau and Berchtesgaden including Kampenwand is part of a three-volume series

Areas: Chiemgau , Berchtesgadener Land

Author(s): H. Wundlechner

Date: 2023

The climbing guidebook Konstein contains all the climbing possibilities in Konstein, Wellheim and Dollnstein

Areas: Konstein , Klettersteinbruch Möhren

Author(s): JM Cambon

Date: 2022

547 alpine multi-pitches in the massif Écrins Est, Briançonnais and Cerces -the area is breathtaking and offers quite a bit of climbing adventure

Areas: Écrins , Les Cerces , L'Argentiére , Tête d'Aval de Montbrison

Author(s): JM Cambon

Date: 2022

Bérarde is a small village in the middle of the Écrins National Park - wonderful alpine landscape - 186 single pitches / 78 multi-pitches distributed over 10 sectors

Areas: La Bérarde

Author(s): D. Amet, Y. Corby, D. Hollinger

Date: 2023

Boulder guide for Alsace and the Département Moselle - the sandstone boulders are located in the areas of Gueberschwihr, Autour de Saverne and Vosges du Nord - 1100 problems in total

Areas: Vosges du Sud

Author(s): L.-H. Clément, P. Gobet und C. Philipona

Date: 2023

Steep cliffs and walls - best limestone - a total of 2149 pitches, spread over 1213 routes.

Areas: Gastlosen

Author(s): M. Burato, N. Rossi, J. Guderzo

Date: 2023

30 climbing areas / gardens on the Asiago Plateau as well as in the Grappa Massif of the Venetian Prealps - the 7C in the name of the book comes from the 7 included Comunes ...

Areas: Biasia , Carega Del Diavolo , Gusela , Roana , San Floriano , Valle Santa Felicita , Costa

Author(s): F. Bagarin, A. Codecà

Date: 2023

Multipitch-Sportklettern und Trad im Val Gerola, Val Masino, Val Malenco, Aprica, Val Grosina, Bormio, Valfurva, Val di Dentro, Laghi di Cancano

Areas: Valtellina

Author(s): GRYTTR

Date: 2019

Small bouldering area in the northeast of Oslo - 175 problems distributed over 4 subareas - difficulties range from 3 to 8a+

Areas: Tokerud

Date: 2018

The Østmarka reserve (east of Oslo) is an ideal boulder ground for the whole family - 249 problems between 3 to 7c+

Areas: Tokerud

Author(s): M. Glaister

Date: 2022

10 top climbing areas of the southwest of England - Wye Valley, Avon and Somerset, North Devon, Culm Coast, Inland Cornwall, Atlantic Coast, West Penwith, The Lizard, Inland Devon and Torbay

Areas: South-West England

Author(s): C. Craggs, A. James

Date: 2022

The guidebook covering 4305 routes in the eastern gritstone edges of the Peak District - including Stanage, Burbage. Millstone, Froggatt, Curbar, Birchen and Cratcliffe plus an other 20 quality gritstone crags ranging from Wharncliffe in the north to Black Rocks in the south.

Areas: Eastern Gritstone , Cratcliffe Tor

Author(s): ffme

Date: 2022

The small town of Tautavel, northwest of Perpignan, is surrounded by beautiful limestone walls - 30 sectors and 423 well-equipped climbing routes, ranging in difficulty from 3c to 9a.

Areas: Tautavel

Author(s): J. I. Luján, P. Aguado

Date: 2022

The dark granite complex of La Maliciosa and El Peñotillo, which can be easily seen from the center of Madrid, represents one of the most interesting but also unknown places of classic climbing in the Sierra de Guadarrama.

Areas: Maliciosa

Date: 2023

For the climber, Grenoble is perfectly located, at the crossroads of the limestone massifs of Vercors, Chartreuse and Belledonne. The crags span from the urban sites suitable for the climbing session just after work to multi-pitch routes in high altitude; there is something for everyone and at all levels.

We offer digital guidebooks of sport crags and multi-pitch routes equipped by the bolter association ECI (Escalade Club de l’Isère) team members. These sites are targeting a wide audience of climbers and are therefore not too elitist.

Through your purchase of this guidebook, you are contributing directly to funding of the in-situ equipment at the climbing sites.

HOLD IT! This guidebook is not fully available for purchase, but the crags can be bought individually.

Areas: Grenoble Area

Date: 2023

La Petite Corse ( the small Corsica) is a little massif in the heart of the Chamrousse ski resort near Grenoble with 27 multi-pitch routes (ranging from 80 to 300m high) on beautiful colored gneiss. The routes are closed bolted, and the grades are pretty cool (with a mandatory grade rarely exceeding 5c). The atmosphere is airy without being austere and the view is wide and extends from the Grandes Rousses to Mont Aiguille. The fauna is always present, and ibexes, chamois and vultures will be your climbing companions.

Areas: La Petite Corse

Author(s): Vangelis Batsios

Date: 2023

ISBN: 9786180046649

A selective guidebook describing 206 of the best classic multi-pitch routes at Meteora, covering both traditional and modern routes.

Areas: Meteora

Showing 1 - 30 out of 728 publications.

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