Reel Rock 18 - Film Tour

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Reel Rock 18 premieres in Australia and New Zealand starting March 2024!

Immerse yourself in four gripping new climbing films from across the globe: a visionary first ascent on Japan’s mythical Mt. Mizugaki; a climbing community held together in war-torn Ukraine; a treacherous free ascent of Jirishanca in the Peruvian Andes; and an exploration of Mallorca’s deep-water soloing.

Win tickets on theCrag

The first 8 supporters (or users with more than 5000 Karma points) to respond to the forum post mentioning a screening venue in Australia or New Zealand that has not already been mentioned. Limit one ticket per supporter / user.

You will find screenings on - hint click Get tickes.

Ticket delivery

The winners' names and email addresses will be forwarded to the organizer and the winners will receive the ticket through an automatic email from the organizer - please also check your spam folder just in case! Some locations may use door lists, please show up ahead of time.



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