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This page is out of date. Our circuits are slightly broken and we are planning to rebuild it into a 'lists' and 'wishlists' concept. If you are interested please read and comment on it here:


  • Share a themed list of routes
  • Target routes for a trip
  • Publish your lists
  • Tick direct from circuit
  • One click from your dashboard

How to

Create a circuitVolver a contenidos

Go to the crag/area where you want to create the circuit.

Click on the 'Action->Create circuit' button.

Create your cool name and brief description.

Press save and the circuit is now stored in the crag/area as well as becoming your active editing circuit for adding routes.

Add route to a circuitVolver a contenidos

Browse the index until you see the routes listed in the route table in an area.

On the popup Edit button associated with the route entry click the dropdown and then the "Add route to active circuit" link.

Note that your active circuit is the one you last added, or manually set as active by editing the circuit.

Alternatively do a route faceted search and do the same from the Action dropdown on the route entry.

Or even go to the route page and do it from there.

Find circuits in an areaVolver a contenidos

Browse the index list view to a particular crag.

Near the crag/area title there will be some statistics. The number of circuits for the area will be shown if there are any.

Click on the linked number to see the circuits for the crag.

Star circuitsVolver a contenidos

Starring a circuit puts it on your personal list of circuits which you can access from your dashboard.

Note that you can star anybodies circuits.

To star a circuit, find the circuit in circuits faceted search and click the hollow star image.

Starred circuits will have a full color star image (note you can also unstar by clicking this).

Your stared circuits from your dashboardVolver a contenidos

Go to your dashboard.

Click the Circuit button to get a list of your stared circuits.

This will take you to a list of circuits starred by you.

Circuits you createdVolver a contenidos

Go to your dashboard.

Click the 'Action -> Circuits created by you' link.

This will take you to a list of circuits created by you.

See the list of routes in a circuitVolver a contenidos

From your list of ciruits click the circuit name.

This will take you to the list of routes for that circuit.

Tick from a circuitVolver a contenidos

From the circuit list of routes click the 'Action -> Log ascent'.

This will take you to the log ascent form.

Friends circuitsVolver a contenidos

Go to your circuits facetted search.

Open 'Created by' facet (note that you may have to close other facets)

Select the friend you want to follow.

Click Apply filters.

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