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Grado Vía Estilo de equipamiento Calidad Escalador
Mié 12.º Dic 2018 - Beechworth Area
Beechworth Gorge H
V6 Bayou Baby

Had to dig it out from under a metre of drift wood and 2 giant (but luckily bone dry) trees! Happy that I started and finished at the right spots and probably V6. Did it without the chockstones too but don’t think V8. Basically pulled on, threw a heel and gunned it to the top. Think I can invisage a nicer harder sequence to do to take the tick (and that would be the classic line too... compression central!). That said with a forecast of 60mm tomorrow someone’s probably going to have a whole lot of tree removal to do again!

Búlder Good
Mark Rewi

Mostrando los 1 ascensión.

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