The Drive By (west side) Guide

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Deon Heemskerk

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Table of contents

1. The Drive By (west side) 5 routes in Area



Todas Búlder

Lat / Long: -30.901183, 151.145449


Western side of the highway, encapsulates the TSR and Part of Bendemeer common.


All climbs listed here are on public access land, crown, TSR, or river access. Many great areas around bendemeer are on private land but due to fear of liability or theft these areas are strictly of limits. Unless you like been shot at while climbing..

inherited from Bendemeer


Please close all gates that you enter into and out of TSR, please don't spook stock and Above all PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ANY RUBBISH! This is the easiest way to get locals off side!

inherited from Bendemeer

1.1. Foundation Quarry 5 routes in Area


Lat / Long: -30.901257, 151.145533


Here some of the original stone was hand cut in the 1800's for some of the original buildings built in Bendemeer. The stone cutters have left one boulder with some very unusual features, like two finger pockets and gouged corners.

1.1.1. Ice cream scoop 2 routes in Boulder

Todas Búlder

Lat / Long: -30.901116, 151.145313


Right next to the TSR fence, bit of blackberry about so be careful.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Vanilla

Easy slab, easiest spot to get off too.

Set by Deon Heemskerk, 2 Abr 2016

V0- Búlder 2m
2 Cookies and cream

SDS, tricky lay back start but once you grab the high jug its over.

Set by Deon Heemskerk & Tiarni Heemskerk, 2 Abr 2016

FA: Deon Heemskerk, 2 Abr 2016

V0 Búlder 2m

1.1.2. Ferny 0 routes in Boulder


West of the stone cutter's, with a nice crop of ferns under it.

1.1.3. Stone Cutter's 3 routes in Boulder

Todas Búlder

Lat / Long: -30.901274, 151.145396


As a Bendemeer local please respect my projects on this boulder and dont attemp any till i finish. I only ask for this boulder only. Thankyou

Legend has it when this boulder was being cut into horizontal slabs by the cutters and it actually fractured the wrong way! Fracturing vertically and that is why it was left. True or not? It has left us with one fun boulder. A lot of hard work went into hand cutting this boulder back in the day. It only seems right to honor that by climbing it!

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 p1

SDS Layback the crack

Set by Deon Heemskerk, 31 Mar 2016

BúlderProject 5m
2 p2

Up the two finger pocket line.

Set by Deon Heemskerk, 31 Mar 2016

BúlderProject 4m
3 p3

Dyno to mantle, traverse right then up via pockets or large flake.

Set by Deon Heemskerk, 31 Mar 2016

BúlderProject 4m

1.1.4. Another Day Another Flake 0 routes in Boulder


Large boulder on road side with large thin but solid flake.

1.1.5. Henchman's Hat 0 routes in Boulder


Roadside boulder with distinctive hat like top section.

1.2. Bendy TSR 0 routes in Area


Part of the bendemeer TSR

1.2.1. Jiro 0 routes in Boulder


Boulder under the trees near the creek.

1.2.2. The Advertisers 0 routes in Boulder


Small boulder next to the old highway with graffiti.

1.2.3. Apple Whisperer 0 routes in Boulder


Biggest boulder in a small cluster up the Bendemeer end of the TSR. Its right next to the fence, which is a pity or motivation for not coming off, depending on how you look at it.

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style Pop Area
V0- Vanilla Búlder 2m 1.1.1. Ice cream scoop
V0 Cookies and cream Búlder 2m 1.1.1. Ice cream scoop
? p1 BúlderProject 5m 1.1.3. Stone Cutter's
p2 BúlderProject 4m 1.1.3. Stone Cutter's
p3 BúlderProject 4m 1.1.3. Stone Cutter's
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