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Grado Vía Estilo de equipamiento Popularidad
Blues Point Life Aquatic Wall
V5 Dislocation Station

A real hip popper! Start behind old bench and move up the big pockets to the right. Follow longish sloping ledge, smearing and/or heal hooking like the best of them. Use gaping hole to finish with both hands on the jugging ledge of Dump Divers Dyno and ELAP.

Super Reachy with solid power required on the last hold! A must try!

Búlder 5m
The Spit Sandy Bay
V5 27
Búlder 4m
The Spit Pearl Bay Pearl Bay Climbing
26 Convulsive Eggplant

Initialled start, L of HIE. Up and dyno to BR with fixed hanger. Mantle, move left then up and right (2 BRs one with fixed hanger) to tree.

FA: Julian McGee & Early 1990s

Deportiva 10m
Balmoral Lawry Plunkett Reserve
V5 Balmoral Arete

Arete on the right side of the bloc to the left of Lover's Tiff.

FA: Damien Alexander, 14 Jul 2011

Cremorne Brightmore Reserve
V5 Susan's Horn

Start as for Susan, then keep traversing left till large, sloped ramp. Follow this. Watch for high slope and wide pocket. Tough if you're short!

FA: dwebster, En 2016

V5 The King Over the Sea

Pretty well the final buttress heading right. Start on two high crimps. Up to groovy ramp. Then up over round top. Decent is ugly. Could be 6? Really good. The seated start will make it excellent.

FA: dwebster, Sep 2015

Cremorne Primrose Park Bum Crag
V5 Homeless Persons Hotline

On the steep side of the long block, start about as low as you can. Hold the first lip and traverse it till the apex. May be v6. (The hotline is 1800 152 152 out of interest.)

FA: dwebster, Nov 2016

Middle Cove Harold Reid Reserve Middle Cove Crag
25 Spiral Corpse

Start: 2m L 'Grannies From Hell'

Up arete. Chain lower offs

Carrot retro bolt 2016, need replacing

FA: Michael Law, 1988

Deportiva 10m, 3
26 Pulpy Kidney Part II

Start: Up center of red-streaked wall. 2 carrots then chain lower off.

FA: Michael Law, 1988

Deportiva 8m
Lindfield Rocks First Wall
V5 3

Narrow line up the right of the arete.

Búlder 4m
V5 Ralph's Arete (sit start)
Búlder 4m
V5 7

Right hand on the incut crimp, grab small sidepull for left and desperately up

Búlder 4m
Lindfield Rocks Walkdown Wall
V5 6

1/2m to the right of the obvious discontinuous crack feature is a small pocket. Off this to very crimpy stuff above

Búlder 4m
Lindfield Rocks Kenny Boulder
V5 12

From broken undercling, reach/slap the sloping lip, then over and up using the right arete

Búlder 3m
V5 The Nose linked into 5
Lindfield Rocks Four Cracks Wall
V5 Razorblade Alley

Fierce little ironstone crimps just left of the seam.

Búlder 4m
V5 15 Variant

Between arete and corner eliminating the break and big pocket.

Búlder 4m
Lindfield Rocks Abseil Wall
V5 The Seam Eliminate

Up the seam using 20 cm corridor of rock

Búlder 6m
V5 9

Between 'Arete' and Tourist Route, a thin wall above two pockets with a well worn edge. Don't stray offline.

Búlder 6m
Lindfield Rocks Black Wall/Wide Crack Area
V5 2

High, thin, airy, scary.

Búlder 6m
V5 R 5

Middle of the wall left of 'Corner Crack' on small crimps

Búlder 6m
Lindfield Rocks One Hold Wall
V5 2

Traverse the block rightwards staying below the lip.

Búlder 3m
Lindfield Rocks Pipeline Wall
V5 4

Starting at the base of the ramp, climb the wall without using the seam. Tricky.

Búlder 4m
V5 5

Using the only good set of footholds to the left of the ramp use a single finger undercling and reach, reach, reach for an edge. It helps if you're tall.

Búlder 4m
V5 9

Start with your right hand in the slot and move up via the slopey pocket just right of the layback crack to a higher slopey pocket.

Búlder 4m
V5 Corals

The classic left-to-right traverse starting in the layback crack and going all the way to 'The Runnel'

Búlder 3m
V5 Corals R to L
Búlder 3m
V5 Corals R to L linked into 16.
V5 12

Hold the obvious round pocket with your left hand and reach up to a sloper and nubin then up.

Búlder 4m
V5 16. R to L linked into Corals
Lindfield Rocks Orange Face/Slab Side
V5 2a

Eliminate the squarish horn, smeary + desperate

Búlder 3m
Lindfield Rocks She-Oak Wall
V5 9

Starting on the slopey crimp, attack the arete of 'The Golden Triangle'

V5 The Golden Triangle (Sit start)

Adds a move to GT by sit-starting with left hand pocket, right hand layaway

Lindfield Rocks Isolated Rock/Overhang
V5 Traverse #4 Variant

Turn the nose without the good ledge or the top at V5+

Búlder 4m
Lindfield Rocks The Overhangs
V5 3

Starts by underclinging a large flake just right of the big corner crack. Right to a large pocket on the arete and then up.

Lindfield Rocks Pipe Dreams
V5 Upper Pipe Dreams

The high traverse back from the end of 'Pipe Dreams' back to the start. Hands below the top.

Búlder 3m
V5 Put That In Your Pipe and Smoke It

Link Upper Pipedreams into Pipedreams. Long, pumpy and awesome.

Chatswood West The Deli Sausage Aisle
V5 Sausage salad

Start up Wiener, but keep traversing left to finish up K. (Sausage salad is a real thing in Germany...)

FA: dwebster, Feb 2016

Killara The Big Pump
V5 Mummy Dust

The classic training problem. Usually done left to right. If you don't rest in the little cave it is apparently equivalent to a 28.

FA: Geoff Weigand

V5 The Ramp

A powerful and desperate crag classic. Start matched on the bottom sloper rail and power up the slopey ramp, paat an edge, to the finish jug up high (on 'The High Traverse').

Búlder 3m
25 Mummy's Old Carrots

Originally climbed back when the pyramids were being constructed. Now on some more friendly bolts. Start up the boulder problem 6, then do another boulder problem, followed by a dyno and another 2 boulder problems to get to the anchor. The grade is an absolute guess, and the real name and first ascensionist is a mystery. (does anyone know?)

Deportiva 10m, 5
Killara The Block
V5 Backdoor Benny
V5 State of origin 3 (the decider)
V5 Steely Neilly
V5 Teddybear's picnic (eliminate)
Búlder 3m
East Killara The Promised Land Top Tier Chossland
V5 Michael Jordan is God

From the good starting holds left of Smile, dyno to the lip of the roof. A nice mantle to finish. Amazing fly!

Set by Zig & Xavier

FA: Xavier, 2014

Búlder 3m
East Killara The Promised Land Top Tier King Davids Overhang
V5 Out Of The Lions Jaw

A pumping build up of death defying proportions!

start on the right about 1m from were the overhang starts. Match hands in the thin letter box around eye level. From here work diagonally up to the left following the line of pockets side pulls, etc.

Hit the large ledge and get ready to tackle this lion of a top out. Head straight up the water eroded scoop and smear, pinch, slap and reach long for the good holds up top.

Free yourself from the Lions Jaws, but take note that you can finish this problem without doing a "beached Whale"

Set by Geoff Marshall, 15 Nov 2013

FA: Ranger Dave Archer, 9 Feb 2014

Búlder 4m
V5 Gods First Problem

Set by Geoff Marshall, 19 Mar 2014

FA: Geoff Marshall, 19 Mar 2014

Búlder 5m
V5 Going Goliath

TWO Epic dyno's followed by a committing mantle makes this problem a definite crag classic!

Sit start at the common spot under the left hand side of the overhang

Pull on and move left to the deep slot and the tight crimping slot above it.

From this location, think big and Dyno up to the solid ledge line under the main part of the overhang.

After pulling your self back to the rock, compose and then dyno out to the left to the deep slot under the lip of the overhang.

Match and top out straight up with some committing mantling

Solid and heart pounding all the way through

Set by Ranger Dave Archer, 19 Mar 2014

FA: Ranger Dave Archer, 24 Abr 2014

Búlder 4m
V5 Michael Jordan is God

From the good starting holds left of The Promised Dunk, dyno to the lip of the roof. A nice mantle to finish. Amazing fly!

Set by Zig & Xavier, 2014

FA: Xavier, 2014

Búlder 4m
East Killara The Promised Land Middle Tier Genesis Undecided Christianity
V5 Christian Brothers Brothers(Sit Start)

Finish as for CBB but add a sit start. Start low with right hand in crimp and left foot out left.

Set by Geoff Marshall, 8 Oct 2013

FA: Geoff Marshall, 8 Dic 2013

Búlder 2m
V5 Simons Dyno

Dyno from undercling, right crimps out.

FA: Simon Stephens, 2013

Set by Simon Stephens, 19 Mar 2014

Búlder 3m
V5 Dy No

Why jump when you can crimp! Start on the same undercling as Simon's Dyno, but instead of jumping climb your way up the line. Maybe a bit easier than the dyno? Start undercling, Hard right crimp, sloper lip, mantle top out. Great moves on decent rock.

V5 Upper Cut

Father Ted's stiff upper lip finishing early in the exit of Simon's dyno

FA: Mattias Braach-Maksvytis, 30 Mar 2014

Búlder 4m
V5 Church Of The Eternal Hug

Embrace the feel good spirit of this technical problem

At the blunt arete on the left side of the Undecided Boulder, start siting under the solid holds.

pull up to the big rounded Gaston and then throw your hand out to the left arete, creating a huge hug

Focusing on your balance, delicately move up the center of the arete.

Top out via the water eroded part of the rock, but don't lost sight of the love till you are well on the top as the end of the problem can get really slippery

A beautiful line with a super fun sequence!

Original Problem V5 - Stand start off rock at base

Set by Ranger Dave Archer, 17 Dic 2013

FA: Ranger Dave Archer, 9 Feb 2014

Búlder 3m
V5 High Priest Of The Temple Of Hugs

Set by Ranger Dave Archer, 9 Mar 2014

FA: Ranger Dave Archer, 9 Mar 2014

East Killara The Promised Land Middle Tier Genesis Right Wing Christianity
V5 Shenanigans

Crouch start on the left of the right arete on a small crimp for your left hand and the arete for your right. The arete is in.

Set by Ranger Dave Archer, 6 Feb 2014

FA: Tyrone Clements, 3 Feb 2018

Búlder 3m
V5 Fire From Heaven Blues

Powerful, challenging start!

Awkward sit start under horizontal sloping crack line with your feet up hill. Pull on and move up through crimps to the sloping scoop. Straight up the middle of the face to top out.

Set by Geoff Marshall, Nov 2013

FA: Ranger Dave Archer, 5 Feb 2014

Búlder 4m
V5 Deep In The Belly Of The Whale

Who knew being swallowed by a whale could be so much fun!

Sit start 1m right of "Thy Mighty Right Hand" (with the scooped out section of the lip on your left) and pump up the inviting array of crimpers until you reach the good slots

With some interesting holds above you, work your way through this problem until you can get your left hand deep within the rounded scoop.

Like water from a blowhole, shoot straight up for the top out and wipe the stomach acids from your hand

Love it!

Set by Ranger Dave Archer, 13 Nov 2013

FA: Ranger Dave Archer, 17 Dic 2013

Búlder 4m
V5 The Drunk Apostle

Start at the right of the face. using crimps head up and mantle onto the slab side, top out here.

Set by Ranger Dave Archer, En 2014

FA: Mantis, 1 Feb 2018

Búlder 3m
V5 Can I Get A Witness

A Super Committing problem requiring raw strength and some epic dead pointing Sit start at the lowest point just left of "BIAHH", directly under the pigs snout holds. Move up through the ledges till you are clinging to the crimpers on the face above you, put your feet high and launch yourself at the two small vertical holds shaped like a pigs snout. Oh yeah, own that hold, get your other hand up there and raise yourself up for the lawd! Huh! Can ya feel it? Ohhhh Yea!

Set by Ranger Dave Archer, 20 Nov 2013

FA: Ranger Dave Archer, 20 Nov 2013

Búlder 3m
East Killara The Promised Land Middle Tier Kobens Wall
V5 Laughing Buddha

Set by Geoff Marshall, 1 Nov 2013

FA: Simon, 19 Mar 2014

Búlder 3m
East Killara The Promised Land Middle Tier The Raising Of The Highball
V5 Rebuke your Elders

Pull on from the good rail and then go right hand to the good horizontal edge. Left hand to the pocket and then try not to barn-door going for the right hand two finger pocket. Bring your feet high and battle your way up the large V to top out.

FA: Ian Millar, 14 Jun 2017

Búlder 4m
East Killara The Promised Land Middle Tier Three Wise Boulders Cave
V5 The Life Of Brian

Set by Geoff Marshall, 16 En 2014

FA: Geoff Marshall, 19 Mar 2014

Búlder 3m
V5 The Right Hand Of Geoff

Set by Geoff Marshall, 16 En 2014

FA: Geoff Marshall, 19 Mar 2014

Búlder 4m
East Killara The Promised Land Middle Tier The Last Highball
V5 Pontius Pilates Preposterous Problem

Start on obvious big incut and proceed up using edge or filthy mono for grade. Top out high, but has good holds. Can be done dynamically without using the mono or edge for about V3. Actually Fa'd by Ranger Dave until a nameless climber tried a dynamic move off the undercling and sent it flying into the bush behind, rendering it unrepeatable that way!

Set by Brendon Flanagan, 2 Oct 2013

FA: Ranger Dave Archer, 30 Mar 2014

FA: Matt Minus, 30 Mar 2014

Búlder 5m
East Killara The Promised Land Middle Tier The Omnipotence Overhang
V5 Paradise Lost

Common start as for BLTSS and RT. Tend right into PD then head up avoiding the jug out left. Mantle directly through the overhanging top without using large hold or ledge out right.

FFA: Simon Stevens, 19 Mar 2014

Set by Simon Stevens, 19 Mar 2014

Búlder 6m
East Killara The Promised Land Bottom Tier Did Someone Forget Heaven Adams Sacred Apple
V5 Recognition Of The Righteous Boulderer

Set by Geoff Marshall, Dic 2013

FA: Geoff Marshall, Dic 2013

Búlder 2m
East Killara The Promised Land Bottom Tier Did Someone Forget Heaven The Broken Tablet
V5 Sharp and quick

on thin holds in the middle of the wall power up to the lip.

FA: Unknown, 2014

Búlder 2m
East Killara The Promised Land Bottom Tier Did Someone Forget Heaven Pockets Of The Apostles
V5 Sacred Simon Met A Pie Man

Set by Simon Stevens, 19 Mar 2014

FA: Simon Stevens, 19 Mar 2014

Búlder 3m
V5 Bad Habits

Set by Simon Stevens, 19 Mar 2014

FA: Simon Stevens, 19 Mar 2014

Búlder 2m
V5 Pope Mobile

Set by Geoff Marshall, Nov 2013

FA: Simon Stevens, Mar 2014

Búlder 3m
East Killara Queen's Country Lower
V5 Blood, Sweat and Tears

Sit start at the right hand side of the boulder and make your way leftwards to top out over the prow. So named because one of the area's developers ended up coming off while holding onto one of the rough holds higher up and subsequently lost a fair bit of skin on his left hand.

FA: James Lacey, 27 Nov 2013

Killarney Heights Crumbly
V5 Anorexic

One of the best problems of this grade & style. Start at the back wall and pull straight out the roof, passing the big hole, make a long throw and finish MATCHED on the huge jug.

Jordan Maxwell

Mikha Liem

George Li

FA: T.O'Neill, 2000

Búlder 4m
V5 Genicus

Low start on crimp rail straight up to finish matched on slopey rail. Cleaned up nicely.

FA: marc landers, 27 En 2015

V5 Genicus Copernicus

Start at Genicus and go up through crimp rail to slopey rail. Traverse rightwards till the holds end then make a big move out to jug in the roof.

FA: Phil Neville, 27 En 2015

Forestville Sissy Crag
26 B
Deportiva 8m
25 C

This is the route that starts at V0 "What am I doing here?" - 4 U-Bolts + Anchors.

Deportiva 8m, 4
V5 Dan-De-Lion

Just left of 'Penis Cling' start on the juggy ledge and continues up the slopey arete.

V5 The House With No Steps

M4, R5, L6, L7 'Campus' problem. Hold the finish for a few seconds for the tick.

FA: Gavin Portier

V5 World War III

Traverse leftwards from the sloper next to the chin up bar and finish in the break above BOTD's layaway. Stay below the good holds.

V5 For Sissies

Up Not for Sissies via the undercling. Easy if you’re tall, nails if you’re not.

V5 Just One Fix

Up the slopey features, past the two finger pocket to finish above the warm up start holds. Plenty of eliminates.

V5 Gladheateher variant

Same as for 'Gladheateher' but skip the arete and dyno instead.

Búlder 3m
V5 Mr Smiley

M1, R2, L3, R4, L5, M5, R6, M6 Start low and left with your right in the 3/4 finger pocket and lunge for the first hold. A classic although the start holds are often wet.

Búlder 3m
V5 Vitamin C var

As for Vitamin C but go RH to the triangle instead of matching the high rail. No heels.

Búlder 3m
V5 The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste

A variant of 'The Pillar' but without using feet. Start on the two positive crimps on the lip and then 1,6,3,7,8

Búlder 3m
V5 Bongo Slap

No feet problem traversing left to right along the slopey break.

FA: David James

Búlder 2m
V5 Go Granny Go

Grab the edge with your right hand, the little slope with your left and then the top with your right hand. Watch the superman swing!

Búlder 1m
V5 Mike's Five


Don't bust a tendon!

Búlder 3m
V5 John

Just right of the pockets on Mikes Five is a long not-so good-hold in a little scoop. Start from this and move up and rightwards through an assortment of bad holds to finish in the break where the vegetation grows.

V5 Left Side

Sit start on the left on the flat ledge. Move right and out the roof via some good holds to finish on the jug rail.

Búlder 3m
V5 Relic from the 90's

From the finishing hold of Pork Platter make two nice moves out the roof to the feature, then two tough moves up and to the right, then finish on the obvious jug in the break.

FA: Unknown

{UK} E4 6C Slabia Majora

Technical smearing, padding and slabbing at its best. Very sequency with every move harder than previous.

FA: Gavin Porter, 1998

Búlder 5m
Forestville The Wall
V5 Elvis

Start low on the right facing layback flake, move left and up. A long move with an interesting landing gains the lip and a shift in style the simmit.

Búlder 5m
V5 Between Bing & Elvis

Start as for Bing, then move right and up on slopey and not thoroughly clean holds, in the process avoiding Elvis' jugs.

V5 Thylacine

Start from the slopey ledge, move right to the long rail, boost to the the dish then make for the mantle.

FA: Will Schubert, 27 Ag

Búlder 5m
Forestville Fox Cave
V5 Danger Mouse

From the two perfect slots in the middle of the roof, come out and match on the broken slopers.

Búlder 2m
Forestville The Frontyard Ashtray Wall
V5 B Radless

Start on some crozzly edges beneath the overlap/seam/crack. Go up to some more suspect edges and then go left to the obvious holds. Be very careful.

Búlder 6m
V5 The Grim Reefer

Climb Falling Leaves to the big hold under the rooflet. Match hands, undercling the rooflet and go to the top. Way more fun and scary if you are short.

Búlder 5m

Mostrando 1 - 100 de 121 vías.

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