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Grado Vía Estilo de equipamiento Popularidad
V5 Out Of The Lions Jaw

A pumping build up of death defying proportions!

start on the right about 1m from were the overhang starts. Match hands in the thin letter box around eye level. From here work diagonally up to the left following the line of pockets side pulls, etc.

Hit the large ledge and get ready to tackle this lion of a top out. Head straight up the water eroded scoop and smear, pinch, slap and reach long for the good holds up top.

Free yourself from the Lions Jaws, but take note that you can finish this problem without doing a "beached Whale"

Set by Geoff Marshall, 15 Nov 2013

FA: Ranger Dave Archer, 9 Feb 2014

Búlder 4m
V5 Gods First Problem

Set by Geoff Marshall, 19 Mar 2014

FA: Geoff Marshall, 19 Mar 2014

Búlder 5m
V5 Going Goliath

TWO Epic dyno's followed by a committing mantle makes this problem a definite crag classic!

Sit start at the common spot under the left hand side of the overhang

Pull on and move left to the deep slot and the tight crimping slot above it.

From this location, think big and Dyno up to the solid ledge line under the main part of the overhang.

After pulling your self back to the rock, compose and then dyno out to the left to the deep slot under the lip of the overhang.

Match and top out straight up with some committing mantling

Solid and heart pounding all the way through

Set by Ranger Dave Archer, 19 Mar 2014

FA: Ranger Dave Archer, 24 Abr 2014

Búlder 4m
V5 Michael Jordan is God

From the good starting holds left of The Promised Dunk, dyno to the lip of the roof. A nice mantle to finish. Amazing fly!

Set by Zig & Xavier, 2014

FA: Xavier, 2014

Búlder 4m

Mostrando los 4 vías.

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