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7a+ Tungt møblement


7b Syvsover

Same start as Tungt Møblement, but goes out right about halfway up. Continues to own anchor quite far up.

8a Steini

Same start as Tungt Møblement but quickly branches off to the right on its own line. Same anchor as Arven etter hulemannen.

8a+ Steini extension
8a Arven etter hulemannen

Ends up at same anchor as Steini L1.

7b+ Frigg
8a Frigg extension
8b Hand-made Jam

Starts between Frigg and Romsdøling på tur.

7c+ Romsdøling på tur
7c Kneopatra
7c Bondeanger

Same start as Kykeli, then goes left and up.

7b Kykkeli
7b+ Kykkelikokos
8c Heart Beat

Further extension of Kykkeli/Kykkelikokos.

7c+ Påltergeist

Goes to same anchor as Kykkelikokos

8a+ Dumpster Diver

Variation of Påltergeist, going right into Dumpster Master about halfway up.

8b Dumpster Master

Starts between Påltergeist and Påletikk.

7b Påletikk

Mostrando los 19 nodos.

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