Barranco de Izcagua

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One of the best climbing crags on La Palma. Camping possible.


The Barranco de Izcagua is a spectacular and deep canyon/gorge. Approach down into the gorge takes about 30 minutes and scenery is very good. The routes are longer than many on La Palma. On sector Puntagorda and sector Garafia some of the routes are up to 35m long. Personally I have only climbed on Garafia. On this crag, the rock quality and features are superb


Some locals tell you the climbing is threatened by government closing. Other locals tell you that's not true, they just don't like climbing tourists, there are even climbing festivals supported by the local mayor. Anyway, there are instagram pictures.... So please behave responsible and nice!


Park responsible near (28.783240, -17.980017), don't block farmers or residents! Walk the road north down in the canyon, at the bottom (building) go west down the canyon until you reach the sectors.

In February 2023 access into the Barranco Izcagua from the W (Puntagorda) side was not possible due to major works on the track down. There were fences and locked gates. This situation may last a long time. A good way to approach is to go down the small, but well built path from the windmill and MIGO museum near Las Tricias. The start of the path is near the windmill parking opposite Villa Castro. It is difficult to find the correct road to the windmill from LP-114. You will need to use Google maps. Be sure to close the small gate near the bottom of the path correctly. The path takes you to Garafia. This crag has long good quality routes and some superb featured rock. Some of the best routes in the La Bavaresa sector have been very well rebolted.

You can approach from Puntagorda with a 4x4 and get quite close to the sectors. Or you park in Las Tricias (by the wind mill MIGO) and hike down 20 minutes.


Las Tricias, Puntagorda



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