Nice south oriented crag, too warm in summer but perfect in spring and fall. Also suitable in winter (warm).


The crag is south oriented, above the tree line, therefore very warm. It is not suitable for hot summer days but perfect for spring and fall. It's also a good crag for winter as it sees the sun all day long.


Two main access:

  1. from Einsiedeln, drive to Brunni, the end of the valley. From there, either take the cable car to the Holzegg pass, or walk up along the well marked trail (45 min, 300m)

  2. From Schwyz, drive to Rickenbach, then take the cable car to Rotenflue. Then walk 15min to the Holzegg pass.

From Holzegg pass, walk 3 min toward the Gross Mythen, then you should see a light path going direction the forest. From there, walk 5 min to the crag.



Añadir vía(s) Añadir croquis Reordenar Edición en bloque Convertir grados
Grado Vía
1 5b
2 6c
1 5b 20m
2 6a+ 25m
3 6b+ 35m
1 5b
2 6b+
3 6c
1 5b
2 7a
3 6b+
1 5b
2 6b+
3 7a+
1 5a+
2 6c+
3 ?

Ab ersten Stand von 'Belli' rechts

1 6a+ 35m
2 6c 35m
1 6a
2 6c

2nd route from the left, starting at first belay of Panorama.

2nd route from the right, starting at first belay of Panorama.

Rightmost route starting at first belay of Panorama.

1 5c
2 6b
1 5b 35m
2 6a+ 35m

Linke Variante ganz oben 5c+

Shares anchor with Saperlotti.

Shares anchor with Saperlot.

1 6a 35m
2 6a+ 35m

First belay shared with Kurz aber Deftig.

1 6c
2 6b+

First belay shared with Katzenjammer.

Starts at anchor of "Aus die Maus".

1 6b
2 6c
1 5c
2 6a+

Zweite Seillänge zu 'Tre Muri'

Second pitch of "Tre muri".

Second pitch of "Tre muri".

Starts at anchor of "Tre muri"

1 6a
2 6a+
1 5c
2 6a+
1 5c
2 6a+

The fixed rope to access Schlafwandler allows scrambling directly to P2 of Kasimir.

1 6b+
2 5c

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