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Mostrando 1 - 100 de más de 10,000 vías.

Grado Vía Estilo de equipamiento Popularidad
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Ten Pins
V0 Silky Búlder
V0 The Rail Búlder
V0 Pocket Pool Búlder
V0 Stare Búlder
V0 The Drop Búlder 3m
V0 Flake Left Búlder 3m
V0 - 1 Jam Sandwich Búlder 5m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Ghetto Superstar
V0 Interact Búlder
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Front Slabs
V0 Mino Búlder
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Mortal Combat
V0 Bueno Búlder 2m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 The Middle Skywalker Area
V0 V0 Búlder
Alabama Horse Pens 40 The Middle Out of the Box area
V0 Ticket Home Búlder 3m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Roadside
V0 Groove 1

Climb leftmost groove

Alabama Horse Pens 40 High Life
V0 HL Slab

Favours the tall, very reachy move. Won't feel V0 if you are much less than 6 foot.

Búlder 10m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Vandala Boulder
V0 Skeleton Búlder
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Mulletino Boulder.
V0 Curb Smile Búlder 3m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Deck Area/Front Slabs
V0 Deck Crack Búlder 3m
V0 Debirth: Cult of the Unborn Búlder 3m
V0 Green Velvet Búlder
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Spirit Area
V0 On the Side Búlder
Alabama Horse Pens 40 The Wash
V0 High Chair Búlder 5m
V0 Water and Time Búlder 5m
V0 Lilly Búlder 5m
V0 Pink Flowers Búlder 5m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Natural Boulder
V0 Jonesin Búlder 3m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Whiplash Boulders
V0 Always Búlder 3m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Turtle Boulder
V0 Three V0'S Búlder 2m
V0 No-Name V0 Búlder 2m
V0 V0 Búlder 2m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Supa Coola Area
V0 JB 1 Búlder 3m
V0 JB 2 Búlder 3m
Alabama Horse Pens 40 Flat Roof Boulder
V0 Bye Tree Búlder 3m
Alabama Steele
5.9 Monopoly Arete
Desconocido 24m
5.9 Birds Nest Crack
5.9 Suger Magnolia
5.9 Golden Arches
5.9 Bulging Fear
5.9 Desparado
5.9 Electric Chain
5.8 The Bolt
5.8 Lazer
5.8 Graham's Crack

Hand crack with a tricky, well protected crux as you pull the bulge. You will need to think about that move!

Clásica 21m
5.9 Copout

Bouldery start, hand crack then, chimney then offwidth. Easy at the top.

Clásica 27m
5.8 Stepping Out

15ft right of the large Oak tree, left of Grahams Crack. Climb the hand crack up to the ledge, then up the thin fingers crack to a stance. Easy climbing as you arch right then back left on jugs to the anchors.

Clásica 27m
5.7 Triad

Long, fun, easy climbing up the dihedral. Then incredibly steep, juggy and well protected climbing at the top... with exposure... you won't believe your on a 5.7.

Clásica 100m
5.7 Three Pitch Route

It says three pitches, but its really only practical to do 2. Easily linked.

Clásica 100m, 2
5.9 Skydiver Clásica 14m
5.9 Asshat Republicans Clásica 18m
5.9 unnamed trad on wolf wall Clásica 23m
5.8 Welcome to Steele Clásica 24m
5.9 The Mantis Clásica 27m
5.9 Mystery Route on Hot Wing Buttress Clásica 26m
5.8 Steele Head Clásica 15m
5.9 PG13 Naysaying Naybobs Of Negativity Clásica 15m
5.9 Banana Republic Clásica 14m
5.7 5.7 Corner Clásica 17m
5.8 PG13 Divine Wind Clásica 23m
5.9 PG13 Zelda Row Clásica 23m
5.9 Gollum Column Clásica 18m
5.9 Wolfe-Waites Clásica 18m
Alabama Palisades Park
5.7 firetower
Desconocido 23m
5.9 Micro Gully
5.9 Boobs
5.8 Unnamed 7" Right of Boobs
5.7 Box Lunch
Desconocido 18m
5.7 Squat
5.8 Steeples
Desconocido 24m
5.7 Warp Factor
Desconocido 21m
5.9 The Flake
Desconocido 21m, 2
5.7 Dirty Dancing
Desconocido 21m
5.7 Unnamed
Desconocido 21m
5.7 Cashmere
Desconocido 21m
5.9 Date with Death
5.7 Pickin' Pockets
5.7 unnamed
Desconocido 23m
5.8 jumpin jeff flash
Desconocido 21m
5.8 Nine to Five
Desconocido 21m
5.8 Webs
Desconocido 21m
5.7 Draggin The line
Desconocido 15m
5.8 Whip Me, Beat Me Clásica 18m
5.8 R&D Clásica 15m
5.8 The Nose Clásica 23m
5.8 Three's A Charm Clásica 17m
5.9 Captain Crunch Clásica 21m
5.9 Trivial Pursuit Clásica 20m
5.9 Stumbling Block Clásica 21m
5.9 Mister Green Jeans Clásica 15m
5.9 Oh My Achin' Head Clásica 12m
5.9 Foton's Finish Clásica 9m
5.9 Lady Fingers Clásica 11m
5.9 Pharaoh's Revenge Clásica 11m
5.9 Snake Bit Clásica 12m
5.9 PG13 A Little Help From My Friends Clásica 21m
5.9 Post Nasal Drip Clásica 23m
Alabama Sandrock
5.8 Pin Chimney
Desconocido 27m
5.9 My Dog Has Fleas
Deportiva 15m
5.9 Walking the Dog
Deportiva 21m
5.9 Jaws

30 foot boulder problem that 99% of people top rope. Rock horn at top of arete can easily be slung and equalized with a tree nearby.

FA: Dave Fortner

Desconocido 11m
5.9 Golden Flake (Popular Science)
Desconocido 24m
5.8 Windows (First Black in Space Direct)

Toprope only!

FA: Shannon Stegg & Forrest Gardner

Desconocido 26m

Mostrando 1 - 100 de más de 10,000 vías.

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