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Grado Vía Estilo de equipamiento Popularidad Zona
Año desconocido
5.5 Pénélope
Deportiva 15m, 7 Kamouraska
5.5 Virginie
Deportiva 15m, 7 Kamouraska
5.4 Spar-en-o
Deportiva 15m, 6 Kamouraska
7b+ Man

Great rock, technical crux up high. 8 titanium bolts, 2 slings.

Equip: Fred & Martin

Deportiva 20m, 10 Chong Phli - Spirit Mountain
6b Devil's Backbone

5 titanium bolts, 3 slings.

Deportiva 20m, 8 Chong Phli - Spirit Mountain
5.13a Beer Run

"The best sport 13a in America?"

Deportiva 30m Rifle Mountain Park
5.12d Blocky Horror Picture Show
Deportiva 20m Rifle Mountain Park
5.11c Jail Bait
Deportiva 20m Rifle Mountain Park
6b+ Dihedral

6 titanium bolts, 4 slings.

Deportiva 25m, 10 Chong Phli - Spirit Mountain
V2 Up The Guts

Up the face using arete + crimps. Burly. Sit start.

PA: Duncan Brown

Búlder 4m Queanbeyan area
V2 Left of #57

Straight up, match foot/hand in the midway crack while balancing. Don't go too far right.

Búlder 3m Canberra
V2 Bleeding Gums in the Maw of Malice

Line starts at bottom right side of the small cave. Heads up right side to top and then traverses along lip to top out at the left side. Many variations for top out.

Búlder 4m Blue Mountains
V2 Faith and Consequences in the Maw of Malice

Start in bottom right corner of small cave and work the low line along the back of the cave to top out at left.

Búlder 4m Blue Mountains
V1 Aligator Head Bed

Tiny boulder downhill from the Maw of Malice. Sit start under boulder on good jugs, various options for topping out...good training, especially for little 'uns.

Búlder 1m Blue Mountains
5.10c Poop Shoot
Deportiva Skyline Areas
5.11a Black Market Babies
Deportiva Skyline Areas
26 Omega Free

Tough line finishing on the lip of the first cave. Up past 3 bolts then move out left and then straight out roof.

PA: Jason Piper

Deportiva 14m Bouddi National Park
22 Cast Off

Start up Omega Free and traverse through Ados route and fishermans basket to anchors of Tartar.

Deportiva 10m Bouddi National Park
5.7 R Cheekbone corner
Clásica 100m, 4 Welsford
20 Caught on Film

Start on left side of wall and head up rightward past 4 bolts to anchors

PAL: Steve Hawkshaw

Deportiva 13m, 5 Coffs Harbour
23 The knights of Ni

Right end of main wall, up next to crack with chockstones, trending slightly left when it gets steep at 4 th bolt. Through short roof onto head wall to DBB. Can be done direct at harder grade.

Deportiva 20m Popran
17 Ethel the aardvark

The left side of the arete to LGS. Climbs quite differently, then share final 2 bolts to anchor of MOL

Deportiva 15m Popran
20 Double Trouble

John Wildes route starting from ledge into offwidth and then up overhanging arete

Deportiva 22m Bulahdelah
E2 5b Tudor Rose Clásica 3 Swanage
E1 5a The Spook
  1. 15m 5a A nice corner pitch
  2. 18m 5b thrutchy overhanging pitch with some rusty pegs.
Clásica 35m, 2 Swanage
E1 5b Saphire
  1. 4b An easy first pitch but without any worthwhile gear
  2. 5b steep and strenuous with some rusty pegs but gear not too bad.
Clásica 2 Swanage
E3 5b Ocean Boulevard

A relentlessly steep and pumpy crackline. One of the most sought after ticks of it's grade in the area.

Clásica 40m Swanage
23 Python arete

Start from ledge to left of La Sancta Wall. Up corner then traverse left to arete and delicately up, traverse left to anchors.

Deportiva 15m Wingello
22 Chubba The Hutt

Start as for CoF for 3 Bolts then head up right through step wall

PAL: Artie Schultz

Deportiva 15m, 5 Coffs Harbour
22 Pixelated

Climb TT for 2 bolts then steep left onto Orange section. Head up past three more bolts to anchors.

PAL: Steve Hawkshaw

Deportiva 15m, 5 Coffs Harbour
{FR} V5 Chopsticks

Sit start on sloper/pinch, L up to sloper and continue on up. Top out any way you like.This is an eliminate which does not use the big flake/slopey jug hold on the right. Everything else is in

Búlder Toohey Forest
V9 The Plum

Start bunched on low edges, aiming for high sidepulls and mantle

Búlder Toohey Forest
{FR} V8 Breakfast in Las Vegas

Long sequence of technical moves to top

Búlder Mt Yarrowyck
V9 Breakfast in Las Vegas Sit Start
Búlder Mt Yarrowyck
V8 Dingojism

Burly start easing to top

Búlder Mt Yarrowyck
V7 Jingoism

Heads right from start hold

Búlder Mt Yarrowyck
V7 Tim's Problem

Long sequence of technical moves to top (Not!)

Búlder Mt Yarrowyck
V6 New Beginning Sit Start


Búlder Mt Yarrowyck
V6 New Beginning

Up groove from edges to slopers

Búlder 4m Mt Yarrowyck
V6 Eternal Dyno

Dyno to sloping lip from large edges

Búlder Mt Yarrowyck
V8 Gordo's Project

Up from glued sidepull to long edge then left to hold at lip and mantle.

Búlder Mt Yarrowyck
V8 Kyle's Moment of Glory

Obscure and crap, intensely reachy.

Búlder Mt Yarrowyck
V7 Mantle Depressant

Defiant Mantle

Búlder Mt Yarrowyck
V4 Thumb Power

Technical Trad stuff in groove

Búlder Mt Yarrowyck
V6 Smashed Cow Hide

Start as for 'L'envers du decors' then up to crimps at break and on to the arete to finish up 'Thumb Power'

Búlder Mt Yarrowyck
V1 Totty Traverse Búlder 5m Tablelands
V3 Monkey Hang

The obvious low roof opposite the corridor.

Búlder 2m Tablelands
V2 Meth Squealer Búlder Tablelands
V7 Rave Sit Start Búlder Tablelands
V4 Weekender Búlder Tablelands
V3 Azzeed Jiz Búlder Tablelands
V0 Corner Búlder 4m Tablelands
{FR} V1 Swing Your Partner Búlder Tablelands
{FR} V1 Grant's Christmas Present Búlder Tablelands
{FR} V0+ Cross Roads Búlder Tablelands
28 Project

2m right of MP Bouldery start.

Equip: Simon Vaughan

DeportivaProyecto 17m Wingello
V5 Prime Time Sit-down

Sit down start low and right on good jug for left hand then up features to mantel top out. Beautiful!!

Búlder 3m Squamish
The Ape Factor - PROJECT

Blinded by the White direct finish with a really long span from good pocket to sidecling. Not yet bolted but worked on top-rope. Will be in the high 20s.

Deportiva 18m New Nowra - Braidwood Road

Not yet bolted, but looks about 28ish.

Deportiva 20m New Nowra - Braidwood Road
V5 Acid Traverse

Traverse the whole boulder (spraypainted boulder, home to The Dish and #s 14-18). Strenuous crimping/balance section, easy to fall off.


Búlder 1m Canberra
V0 #14

Easiest one on the rock. Ladder-like.

Búlder 4m Canberra
V0 #11

Friction climb. Very slabby.

Búlder 2m Canberra
V3 #13

Sit start up the arete. Burly. Round the corner of the boulder from #12. Top out directly from the undercut side - don't pull around onto the slab.

Búlder 2m Canberra
V2 #21a

Sit start, at the end of the boulder sharing #21.

Búlder 2m Canberra
V0 #24

Go from the bottom to the top. Layback, climb the face, do what you will really.

Búlder 3m Canberra
V4 #5

Direct up the arete off the small flake. Balancy and thin with a deadpoint required. Mat and spotter mandatory if you like your back.

Búlder 2m Canberra
V2 Crank Twist Undercling Twitch

On the right side of the sine wave rail. Sit start on the rail and shoot straight to the top...five moves will get you the tick!

Búlder 2m Blue Mountains
11 Chully Bun

Up chimney, continue up as narrows. Can either set a trad belay, or continue up face and use lower-offs for Heathen around the arete to lower-off

Clásica 25m Nowra
16 I like to ride my bicycle

Near over hanging belay ledge, traverse out or start form below, avoid dirty and loose rocks up slabs before no hands rest and then slightly chossy but good roof walk off from below roof possible.

Clásica 25m Freshwater Beach
18 Gakwers

Start: Behind the big boulder. Scramble up a few metres then up the nice twin cracks to a big ledge. Up the wall above (3 manky BRs) to a big chossy cave. Up the inside of the cave and over the top. Tree belay. FAR: Tony Burns, Andrew Barker 17/02/2007

Deportiva 28m, 3 Freshwater Beach
V2 #7

Variation of number 6. The arete is the definitive climb in the CCA guide. V7 for the arete, V2 to join up with no. 6.

Búlder 5m Canberra
V7 #8

Straight up using the poor feet and the incut at chest height, incut higher up and the bulge. A few ways to do it but they're all mean.

Búlder 5m Canberra
V8 #9

One chipped hold, strenuous moves on tiny holds. Getting feet onto the rock is the crux - probably a 1-2 move problem, but hard ones nonetheless. Grade to be confirmed.

Búlder 5m Canberra
V4 #17

Straight up the acid traverse boulder on tiny crimps with a slopey as crap dish to help you along. May want to lose 5 kilos before hopping on it! V4 with the gaston, probably closer to V5 if you throw straight from the chipped incut crimps to the hueco.

Búlder 4m Canberra
V0 #29

Slabby and more scary than tough. Don't be fooled by the photos - it's quite tall!

Búlder 5m Canberra

Before the fence, there's a group of boulders to the right. Sit start on the first 'face' climbable boulder, off two sidepulls and up. Strenuous, short, and massively contrived. Getting feet set is very, very tough.

Búlder 2m Canberra
17 Corner crack
Clásica 15m Watagans
24 Unknown
Deportiva 15m Blue Mountains
28 Father Figure

The right hand route. Sweet moves to good rest then bouldery crux... awesome

PA: Graham Fairbairn

Deportiva 18m, 8 Nowra
26 Something Jumpy

Start from the left side of the wall. Move right on good holds to big dyno then tough moves to the top...stay out of the cave!!

Deportiva 15m, 6 Nowra
VD Long Climb Variant
Clásica 34m Peak District Limestone
S 4a Long Climb Indirect
Clásica 34m Peak District Limestone
HS 4b Long Climb Direct
Clásica 30m Peak District Limestone
VS 4c International Climb
Clásica 30m Peak District Limestone
D Face Climb Number 1
Clásica 8m Peak District Limestone
VD Arete Number 1
Clásica 8m Peak District Limestone
VD Steep Chimney
Clásica 8m Peak District Limestone
VD 4a Arete Number 2
Clásica 8m Peak District Limestone
VD Face Climb Number 2
Clásica 8m Peak District Limestone
M Pedestal Chimney
Clásica 8m Peak District Limestone
HVS 5a Pedestal Wall
Clásica 8m Peak District Limestone
S 4a Brassington Crack Arete
Clásica 8m Peak District Limestone
HS 4b Brassington Crack Face
Clásica 8m Peak District Limestone
HVD Brassington Crack
Clásica 8m Peak District Limestone
VD Brassington Face
Clásica 8m Peak District Limestone
M Easy Arete
Clásica 8m Peak District Limestone
S 4b Snuffer Chimney
Clásica 8m Peak District Limestone
VS 4c The Overhang Indirect
Clásica 12m Peak District Limestone
HVS 5b The Overhang
Clásica 10m Peak District Limestone
HS 4b Smooth Chimney Outside Route
Clásica 10m Peak District Limestone

Mostrando 1 - 100 de más de 10,000 vías.

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