Grandes Voies de Corse – Multi-pitch climbing in Corsica

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Grandes Voies de Corse – Multi-pitch climbing in Corsica
Printed Guidebook
Bertrand Maurin & Thierry Souchard

Selected from the hundreds of known, documented multi-pitch routes located on the island’s crags and cliffs, this guidebook describes 110 routes of all levels, from pure trad to fully-bolted and everything in between. They are scattered across all massifs in Corsica except Bavella, for which a specific topo guide has been created (the Bavella-Corsica guidebook). This extensive geographical coverage allows wandering climbers to go in search of varied climbing styles, surroundings and fun, and for climbers based in a specific location to find suitable muti-pitch routes close at hand.

Of course the guidebook features the key, famous routes, but also contains newly-established routes and rediscovered gems. Our aim has been to give as reliable and precise information as possible for each route. We provide a photo with the route traced onto it, details of the walk-in, the necessary gear and a precise description, particularly for trad routes. We have also set aside space in the guidebook for a large number of photos, to give you a taste of what is to come in your next vertical adventures.

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