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Sun 8 Apr

Steffi Quijote logged an ascent from the past and climbed 20 other routes at Arapiles and mentioned lots of people. • 1850 Point 6 weeks ago

Logged an ascent from the past, onsighted 4 routes, top roped 3 routes, dogged a route and seconded 12 routes.

13 Dunes Direct Trad 100m — Thu 29th Mar 2018Very Good

led the second half — with Jacob Bridgeman

15 Kaiser - Resignation Trad 99mClassic

liked p2+3, scary traverse slab on the first pitch, committing overhang on pitch 3 — with Jason Bilsborow

20 Antique Road Show Mixed 25m, 2Classic

such a fun climb! — with Jason Bilsborow

13 Kestrel Trad 50mClassic

very 3D — with Jason Bilsborow

11 Agamemnon Trad 40mMega Classic

sunset ascent, linked p1+2 — with Jason Bilsborow

11 Pedro Trad 36mClassic

good warm up with some interesting moves — with Jason Bilsborow

15 Beautiful Possibilities Trad 30mGood

some tricky sections at the bottom — with Jason Bilsborow

16 Jason Trad 30m

Jason sent Jason! — with Jason Bilsborow

18 Golden Fleece Trad 35mClassic

difficult upper crux! — with Jason Bilsborow

19 Morfydd Trad 30mMega Classic

hard but fun! need more strength for this! — with Jason Bilsborow,Ange

12 Bygone Mixed 30m, 1Average

quite runout but easy enough if you find the jugs — with Jason Bilsborow,Ange

10 Arachnus Chimeny Chimney Trad 99mMega Classic

Went up straight to avoid another party, was aiming for one 60m pitch after pitch 1 but had to wait for said party in the cave next to watchtower chimney to go out onto the face again. — with stace

15 Siamese Crack Trad 25mVery Good

still feels awkward — with Josemalene Ruaya

12 Watchtower Chimney Mixed 110m, 1Mega Classic

Led pitch 2 and 4 (through the super awkward chimney, not the face!) Such an awesome climb! Lost my chalk bag on pitch 3 while chimneying, so we had to lower and repeat the pitch on toprope - fun times!! — with Angela P

10 Xena Trad 110mGood

led p1 and 4, overall very easy but nice climbing. beat our friends on introductory route to the top — with Jacob Bridgeman

15 Pibroch Trad 20mClassic

this "quick" climb took much longer than anticipated as some sections are quite tricky (scary) and Jacob got some really interesting nut placements in that took 3 of us to get out! Overall a good climb though! — with Jacob Bridgeman

13 Muldoon Trad 42mMega Classic

MulGOON at 8am. Leading with a goon bag is so much fun! Had a bit of a freak out at the crux anyway. At the top of the climb the goon was almost gone... — with Jacob Bridgeman,Angela P

16 Watchtower Crack Mixed 100m, 3Mega Classic

I love this climb! Felt pretty good on it, maybe i should lead this soon with alot of big gear — with Jacob Bridgeman,Georgina Meikle

18 Eurydice Mixed 70m, 2Mega Classic

Had a bit of a hard time on pitch 1. pitch 2 was much easier, except for the tricky start. Overall a climb that has very interesting and cool moves! — with Jemma Herbert,Andrew

12 Bard Trad 120mMega Classic

sunset ascent to the terrace + star gaazing, led the traverse — with Jacob Bridgeman,Milee