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Fri 13 Apr

updated an area and some routes at White Rock Conservation Area. 70 6 weeks ago

Updated 1 area and 4 routes.

Updated the area so long gravity.
Updated beta approach.

Traveling up the main track until you have hit the tT intersection next to the massive white tree then head left until you see the obvious "Super-hard to miss" cave (Quite overgrown as of 2017). Head directly uphill past the superhard to miss cave, head about 100m past this and you will find another cave surrounded by an oasis of boulders.

Updated the route V1 Stereopsis.
Updated beta description.

On a nice boulder left of the cave their there is a great line of crimps on the left side. iIt makes you traverse a bit and then top out.

Updated the route V8 Trebuchet aka 'the buff breasted button quail'.
Updated beta description.

Start laying down at the entrance to the cave. Take the 2 shit lowmholds low holds and a beasty toe hook. Load your self up like a spring and then release. Hold the cut loose and don't dab! fFinish as for 'got the blinkers on'

Updated the route V1 Pink elephant.

Added personal grade contribution 'V1'.

Updated the route {US} V2 Tylers crack.
Updated beta description.

A nice clean crack climb, its about an inch wide.