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Sat 21 Apr

Shaggy Horse onsighted a route and climbed 6 other routes at Arapiles and mentioned Wenny L and Yuya Sudo. • 1593 Point 4 weeks ago

Onsighted a route, seconded a route and logged 5 ascents from the past.

10 Mesa Trad 33mGood — with Wenny L.

10 Neta Trad 25mGood — with Wenny L.

14 D Minor Trad 35m — Wed 21st Mar 2018Average

Not worth the stars, one or 2 move wonder — with Yuya Sudo

1 14 35m lead by Shaggy Horse
2 lead by Yuya Sudo

13 Muldoon Trad 42m — Wed 21st Mar 2018Very Good

I need to come back and lead the first pitch too, super fun climb! — with Yuya Sudo

1 13 42m lead by Yuya Sudo
2 lead by Shaggy Horse

14 Mantis Trad 33m — Wed 21st Mar 2018Very Good

Really enjoyable climb start to finish, good shade on a sunny day too. — with Yuya Sudo

13 Hell For Leather Trad 30m — Wed 21st Mar 2018Good — with Yuya Sudo.

17 Obbligato Trad 50m — Wed 21st Mar 2018Good

This was definitely not our intended route, we stopped at a ledge for libretto on the way and finished up D Major... Whoops! We'll have to come back and do it properly! — with Yuya Sudo