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Sun 22 Apr

Nik Sharma onsighted 2 routes and climbed 10 other routes at Arapiles and mentioned Luke C and andrew anderson. • 2093 4 weeks ago

Onsighted 2 routes, lead 5 routes, seconded 4 routes and ticked a route.

11 Piccolo Trad 35mVery Good

First route at the Mighty Araps.

Cruxy moves in the middle. Found a booty nut there, just couldn't get it out.

The down climb during the walk out is the hardest bit about this climb especially after some rain. — with Luke C

14 D Minor Trad 35mVery Good

Good climb. My first lead at the Araps. Good pro all the way. 2nd pitch is the crux with a bit of overhang pleasure. — with Luke C

1 14 20m lead by Nik Sharma
2 14 15m lead by Luke C

10 Syrinx Trad 170mClassic

One of the most memorable routes I have done at Araps.

Pitch 3 is pure gold.

The climb involves a bit of route finding after P3. We probably ended up off route and had to traverse right instead of left to find a walk out.

After P3, don't try to combine pitches as the rope drag might try to pull you off. — with andrew anderson

13 Muldoon Trad 42mClassic

Scary crux on P1. — with andrew anderson

1 13 42m

21 Pilot Error Mixed 12m, 1Very Good

One move wonder. Its all about that left hand.

12 Panzer Trad 95mClassic

Deserves three stars in my opinion.

This climb has everything: traverse, slab, corner, crack, jugs and scary down climb.

Watch out for some loose holds on P3. Nearly got clipped by a falling rock from the heavens. — with Luke C

12 Watchtower Chimney Mixed 110m, 1

Started the climb around 4.30pm. "Better to bail before than after", was the advice given when I reached the carrot on P1 traverse.

Combined the whole thing in two big pitches (almost).

P1 is super fun. Amazing corner moves. Luke C led P3 chimney with exceptional grace.

Topped out just before darkness. #SpeedClimbing — with Luke C

15 Resignation Trad 96mClassic

Well I guess the description of the climb in the guide book pretty much sums the whole climb up. "Take a deep breathe and just go for it".

P2 on lead is very intimidating. Awesome little traverse and good holds to get past the roof.

P3 is where all the money is invested. Intimidating overhang but good holds all the way. Awesome lead by Luke C — with Luke C

13 Ivan Trad 14mMega Classic

"Ivan, The Terrible", as I nick named it.

Such an amazing climb with some of the most thought provoking movement I have ever experienced.

I cursed and I screamed and I panicked, but I made it.

A classic in my book. — with Luke C

11 Blockbuster Trad 30mClassic

Interesting moves all the way to the top of the world.

Luke found some very good and interesting pro placements. I just cursed whenever I saw them, such a pain to get them out. — with Luke C

16 Arab Trad 110mMega Classic

My proudest trad lead ever.

I recommend this climb to everyone who loves heaps of exposure, heaps of scare and heaps "I need to find my balls and just go for it" moment.

P1 is a super pitch in itself. But P3 what can I say about you. There are no words to describe the feeling. You have to get on it to know it. — with Linda

16 Watchtower Crack Mixed 100m, 3Mega Classic

So glad I wasnt the one leading P3. Mega effort by Luke, made it look so easy.

Definitely a must do. Polished holds, off width, heaps of chalks, pitons, carrots, two number 4s, stemming to glory, should I try a layback moment.

Pure bliss! — with Luke C

1 12 lead by Luke C
2 14 lead by Nik Sharma
3 16 lead by Luke C
4 16 lead by Luke C