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Mon 23 Apr

Cameron Semple onsighted 2 routes and climbed 3 other routes at Sand River. • 2341 4 weeks ago

Onsighted 2 routes, red pointed a route and ticked 2 routes.

20 Deconstructionism Sport 25m, 12Classic

Great route. The finish is super exciting. — with Danielle

21 Pleasure Sport 17m, 9Very Good

Got through the first third. Fell just before the last bulge. Need to figure out a usable rest here. Or just get stronger. Doesn’t relent for the rest of it either. — with Danielle

19 Join The Dots Sport 17m, 8

Also good. Thin down low then exciting arete moves up high. Harder than Impeachment. — with Danielle

18 Impeachment Sport 17m, 7Good

Not bad. Turns out we did the top section of Guilty, as Charged here. Lots of bolts here, really just a matter of choosing your own adventure. — with Danielle

19 China Shop Sport 15m, 7Good

Interesting little route. Some surprises along the way. Not as straight forward as it seems from the ground. — with Danielle