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Mon 23 Apr

Paul Thomson logged 5 ascents from the past at Bare Rock. • 3074 4 weeks ago

Logged 5 ascents from the past.

21 Yesterday's Hero Sport 45m — Mon 12th Mar 2018Very Good

Clean repeat. Just a brilliant long pitch of Bare Rock slabbing, with a few rooflets to negotiate. Hard to imagine that it is one of the newer routes here, as it's super-obvious, and proper quality.

23 HomoClimbtastic Sport 30m — Mon 12th Mar 2018Good

2nd shot. Stuck the crux (climbing it totally chalkless and wrong) on the onsight, then had a foot-slip soon after . Was fine 2nd shot. Okay climbing, very cruxy, not as good as Tomorrow's Dream P3.

23 Fire in the sky Sport 30m, 16 — Mon 12th Mar 2018Very Good

Clean Repeat. As good as I remember. Sure, its a bit pox for the first 6m or so, but after that it's pure hyper-technical class.

23 Mornings Minion Sport 30m, 14 — Wed 14th Mar 2018Classic

Clean repeat. This has become a well-loved trade route now, and it's well worth the hype. I never get tired of this quality slab, and it's surprisingly intense upper half.

26 Ride the Lightning Sport 200m — Wed 14th Mar 2018Classic

Repeat ATTEMPT of P1 only. With damp rock and no chalk to guide my way, I surprised myself by linking to the very end of the crux before failing to find the key hold, but otherwise climbing it well and in control. Barring a section in the middle of the route which has been damaged by rockfall (still climbable, but very loose... needs some industrial-grade trundling to tidy it up), this route is an eclectic mix of styles, with an aesthetic and punchy thin crux. The final fridge-hugging moves to the anchors are great.