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Fri 27 Apr

Paul Thomson logged 7 ascents from the past at Sand River. • 2847 26 days ago

Logged 7 ascents from the past.

23 Alea Jacta est Sport 15m — Tue 20th Mar 2018Very Good

2nd shot. Flashed to the infamous top crux, but had to come up with some new beta for the send. Great grampians-esque rock. Short and sweet, and tricky for the grade.

25 Hercules Sport 15m — Tue 20th Mar 2018Classic

Pooooooowerful! Just the one lap. Falls in a few sections working it out. There's a thin move (the setup to the dyno) which gave me more trouble than the rest of the route, and I'm dubious about sticking on a Send attempt. Great moves and rock, and the thin and punchy finale could certainly spin anyone off.

24 Fed to the Lions Sport 15m, 8 — Tue 20th Mar 2018Average

The start is easy and pleasant, and the boulder-problem crux is quite improbable and not too hard (though very sharp: I circumcised a finger on a key hold), but everything above it is a disintegrating sandpit. Bailed after the crux, when I got sick of eating sand (literally).

Neil Monteith started this discussion 26 days ago.

More like a sand-river than a sand-pit?

Paul Thomson replied 26 days ago.

Only because it was such a start contrast to the other routes I'd done there (which were similar or BETTER in rock quality to Cinderella crag, though generally a bit shorter in length).

The FA is right though, the boulder problem IS cool (shame about the rest of it).

22 Glowing Embers Sport 18m, 9 — Wed 21st Mar 2018Very Good

Great for the grade, with a huge variety of moves. Reminds me of "Cinderella crag" in NSW. Bouldery start to a thin slab. A dawdly middle, and a funky steep juggy ending. You'd be stoked on this if it was your limit.

24 Fire Starter Sport 18m, 9 — Wed 21st Mar 2018Classic

2nd shot. I needed to get crafty on the top crux to suit my style. Near-perfect rock (with a single dirty-horizontal exception), and 3 distinct sections, each of which has its own style. I particularly enjoyed the gripping this slab at the bottom, but it's all pretty good.

26 #Caligula Sport 15m — Wed 21st Mar 2018Very Good

2 laps. The first was just getting up it, the second was sorting the beta. Something of a pumpy novelty (a prolonged lip traverse of a cave), but the moves are extremely complex (I love a good Rose move) and funky, in an acrobatic sort of way. Out of time for the second, but could certainly do this in a few more shorts.

17 Lions Sport 7m, 4 — Wed 21st Mar 2018Good

Huzzah! Average rock, but actually kinda fun for the grade. Pocketses.