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Sun 29 Apr

Scott Godwin seconded a route and climbed 2 other routes at Bare Rock and mentioned Nathanael Hinton. • 2101 28 days ago

Seconded a route, retreated from a route and ticked a route.

22 The Sapphire Rose Sport 95mVery Good

After climbing nothing but cracks for most of the summer I struggled with lack of face climbing fitness on the first pitch. Had to sit at the first roof, and again at the thin cruxy move about midway up the pitch. Got way too pumped and didn't have anything left for the traverse at the end. Took a slightly awkward swinging fall from between the second and third bolts of the traverse a couple of times and decided to throw in the towel. Awesome climbing. I'll be back with a a bit more fitness. — with Nathanael Hinton

21 Yesterday's Hero Sport 45mVery Good — with Nathanael Hinton.

17 Tomorrows Dream Sport 30mGood

P1 only. Just a quick ramble at the end of the day.

1 17 30m lead by Scott Godwin