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Tue 1 May

Kelly Molnar flashed 4 routes and climbed 9 other routes at Red River Gorge. • 2070 6 weeks ago

Flashed 4 routes, top roped 6 routes, lead a route, attempted a route and ticked a route.

5.7 Pee-Wee Sport 11m, 4

5.8 Audie Sport 11m, 4

5.9 Miranda Rayne Sport 14m, 7

5.10c The G-Man Sport 12m, 6

5.10d K.S.B. Sport 18m, 6

5.10c Pre-emptive Strike Sport 27m, 11

5.10b Beware the Bear Sport 15m

5.6 Swap Meet Sport

5.10b Jungle Gym Sport

5.10a Monkey Bars Sport 15m

5.9 Slide Sport