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Tue 1 May

Francois Pieterse updated a route at Manoutsa/Strijdom Tunnel. 50 22 days ago

Updated 1 route.

Updated the route 15 The Three Shorvanists and the Lady.

Changed name from 'THE THREE SHORVANISTS AND THE LADY' name 'The Three Shorvanists and the Lady'.

Added beta description.

This route ascends the true left-hand wall of decent Gully A. The start is approximately 10m up the gully from the start of Fisticuffs. The start is below a downhill facing open book that starts about 3m off the ground that leads to a low roof about 10m up.

  1. 25m (15) Climb the open book until below the roof (crux). Traverse to the right for 15m and around the corner, about 5m after the start of the traverse move down 1.5m and then back up again. Belay at the trees below the open book around the corner.

  2. 30m (13) Climb the open book above the trees. Go left onto the face when possible after about 5m. Climb up the slab tending left through a small overhang, until you reach a large ledge with trees.

  3. 40m (12) At the back of the large ledge there is another slab, climb to the left of the bushy gully. Climb the slab till a small tree in the middle of the slab. At this point move off to the left and up to the arete. Once on the arete move up tending slightly to the left till another large ledge with a very large loose looking block at the back of the ledge.

  4. 30m (14) Start behind the large loose looking block and next to a tree. Climb up and to the left of the small roof directyl above the tree. Climb directly up the face to the open book above. Climb this open book to below the large roof. Move out right to avoid the roof and climb the face to the top.

Edited route history.
  • First Ascent: Ken Thrash, D Margetts, G Devine & S den Hollander, 1999