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Tue 1 May

onsighted 6 routes and logged 2 ascents from the past at Schrammsteine and mentioned bk201. • discuss 26 days ago

Onsighted 6 routes and logged 2 ascents from the past.

VIIa Kotzwand Mixed 90m, 3Very Good

My first route in Elbsandstein: a fantastic beginning. The first two rings can be easily supplemented with good slings, the traverses along the ridges are scary and run out, but safe enough. Took me a while to get used to the climbing. Soapy holds in the first third. — with bk201

Georg Kretzschmar started this discussion 25 days ago.

I think it's fantastic when non-locals come here and actually enjoy climbing here. And it's quite impressive what you have achieved. Some real classics and an VIIIc is no small feat. Most people would start out seconding.

replied 25 days ago.

Vielen Dank! Es war wirklich ein tolles Erlebnis und ich komme gerne wieder. Ich wäre auch durchaus nicht abgeneigt gewesen, mir noch ein paar Dinge im Nachstieg anzuschauen, aber hatte keinen Vorsteiger dabei.

Georg Kretzschmar replied 25 days ago.

Das Problem habe ich auch meistens. Ich bin zwar nicht in deinen Schwierigkeitsgraden unterwegs, aber ich kenne mich hier natürlich trotzdem halbwegs aus, falls du mal nen Tip brauchst.

replied 25 days ago.

Gerne! Ich hab auch kein Problem damit, 2er und 3er nachzusteigen. Ich habe festgestellt, dass es auch in diesen Graden bei euch schon genug zum Fürchten gibt.

VI Hintere Reibung Trad 30mGood

Nice introduction to sandstone friction slabs. — with bk201

VIIa Südostkante Trad 30mGood

Difficult start (I went up the block with the new ring instead of the small chimney) followed by a vertical section with good holds up to the easy slab at the corner. — with bk201

VIIIc Kachelmann (RP) Mixed 40m, 9Very Good

Amazing wall climbing with lots of difficult sections. Small comb-shaped structures, slopery sections, shallow underclings, small water drop pockets, friction slab, arête, this route has it all. Had to gather some courage a few times to continue doing difficult and insecure moves far above the rings. The friction slab traverse to the arête in the end almost threw me off, I was so glad when I was standing on the final ledge — with bk201

IV Löschnerwand Trad 14mClassic

Easy terrain to the block, then nice jugs to a ledge with a massive rock tunnel. Interesting upper section on slopers and some good pockets. — with bk201

VI Mittelweg Mixed 15m, 1Classic

Beautiful black sandstone with lots of jugs and good placements for slings. Difficult section over the ring, then easier but more slopers than jugs to the top. Felt like I was almost blown off by the strong wind that suddenly came up when we arrived, but the climbing was still very much enjoyable. — with bk201

VIIc Reginawand Mixed 90m, 5

VIIb Große Reibung Trad