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Mon 7 May

Anthony Cuskelly onsighted 3 routes and climbed 7 other routes at Arapiles. • 2294 4 Points 16 days ago

Onsighted 3 routes, red pointed a route, dogged 2 routes and seconded 4 routes.

18 The Iliad Connection Trad 40mAverage

Jane led, Kirra & I seconded.

17 Surface To Air Trad 30mVery Good

Afternoon lap. Great positions.

21 Chinese Algebra Trad 48mClassic

Sustained & brilliant.

18 Crooked Mile Trad 25mVery Good

17 Golliwogs Cakewalk Trad 40mVery Good

18 Creeping Green Chinese Crud Trad 8mDon't Bother

18 The Stoat Steps Out Trad 8mVery Good

20 Mind Games Trad 25mGood

Calf cramp meant a fall in the same place as last time!

18 Kinkaid Trad 20mVery Good

15 The Philanthropist Trad 30mGood