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Mon 7 May

edited some topos, an area and a route at Blue Mountains. 125 20 days ago

Created 1 route and updated 1 area and 2 topos.

Updated a topo for Sector 'Sunny Side'.
Updated a topo for Sector 'Sunny Side'.
Updated the area Sector 'Sunny Side'.
Created the route 29 The Farkenstone.

Avoids The Arkenstone's bouldery lower crux by coming in from the left. Clip the first bolt on Force Cannon, then up right past four new bolts to join the original at the 'hourglass' hold. Finish directly up through the roof as for Arkenstone.

Route history.

Evan Wells started this discussion 19 days ago.

How many hours of sun does this side get? Good winter proj?

replied 13 days ago.

Morning sun I assume but can't say for sure as I don't do sun, and don't climb before noon.