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Wed 9 May

o_g logged 9 ascents from the past at Sand River. • 2938 14 days ago

Logged 9 ascents from the past.

20 Standard Deviation Sport 16m, 8 — Sat 3rd Mar 2018Average

Well worth doing, but not as nice as three card trick.

19 Three Card Trick Sport 16m, 8 — Sat 3rd Mar 2018Good

Doesn't look great from the ground, but the nice top wall in bigger than it looks, and the rock and moves are cool.

17 The Blade Sport 16m, 8 — Sat 3rd Mar 2018Very Good

Ace feature and nice climbing. Has an awkward committing crux move, but this can be avoided by climbing left without really changing the quality.

21 Roger Ramjet Sport 15m — Sat 3rd Mar 2018Average

Has some nice moves but is contrived.

24 Flying Fool Sport 18m — Sat 3rd Mar 2018Very Good

I have no idea of grade and quality. It's an intimidating feature, and is pretty sustained.

19 Inca Trail Sport 28m, 12 — Sat 3rd Mar 2018Very Good

Nice slabbing.

20 Goldleaf Sport 26m, 12 — Sat 3rd Mar 2018Very Good

Really nice slabbing.

22 Golden Thread Sport 16m, 7 — Sat 3rd Mar 2018Good

Worthwhile. Some gritty rock down low, and a bit ledgy in the middle.

21 Midas' Touch Sport 18m, 9 — Sat 3rd Mar 2018Good

Great rock and line. I found it a bit awkward trying to follow the feature in the first half. It wasnt obvious whether to stick to only the arete or to use the cracks and ledges either side. I ended up using both which felt a bit impure....