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Thu 10 May

David Cook red pointed a route and climbed 3 other routes at Kangaroo Point. • 2825 2 Points 13 days ago

Red pointed a route, pink pointed a route and dogged 2 routes.

23 Cucumber Castle Sport 18m, 4Very Good — with Blake.

23 Cucumber Castle Sport 18m, 4Very Good — with Blake.

Bufo shredded my fingers but got through it once and then faced BARFJs crux which feels strenuous after mingin on the Bufo crimps. Even then you've got the traverse to wages from CC that takes a bit more. Great sustained crimping by all accounts. We used a cam in MF but think a nut would work better. Long sling on the second bolt of BARFJ is helpful too. — with Blake

started this discussion 11 days ago.

Nice! Was playing around on Bufo, how much of the left ramp that goes to about waist height is on? Any of it, or completely off?

David Cook replied 11 days ago.

I haven't seen people use it much, I start in from further right. Blake used the bottom step of it to get a right foot on.

replied 11 days ago.

Yeah, that's pretty nails. Some very sharp holds on that entire thing.

David Cook replied 11 days ago.

Yeah I split a tip open... Not really worth it. But at least now I have beta?

27 The Sinister Pathway Sport 25m — with Blake.