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Thu 10 May

Josh Ring logged 7 ascents from the past at Arapiles. • 1987 13 days ago

Logged 7 ascents from the past.

14 D Minor Trad 35m — Fri 27th Apr 2018

11 The Bishop Trad 50m — Sat 28th Apr 2018Very Good

Definitely preferred this to Serpent

10 Serpent Trad 43m — Sat 28th Apr 2018Good

15 Agent Orange Trad 25m — Sat 28th Apr 2018Very Good

13 Muldoon Trad 42m — Sun 29th Apr 2018Classic

9 Arachnus Variant (Minerva) Trad 120m — Mon 30th Apr 2018Classic

Ran pitches 2 and 3 together. The cave at the end of pitch 3 is by far and away my favourite part of this climb.

17 Dirge Trad 85m — Sat 14th Oct 2017Very Good

Love the first pitch of this climb! — with Nicholas Stanley