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Thu 10 May

onsighted a route and ticked a route at Labské pískovce and mentioned Daniel. • 2233 1 Point 17 days ago

Onsighted a route and ticked a route.

VIIc Šedý zákal Sport 50m, 10Very Good

Great way to start off. Obvious arête to a nice slab, a long runout to the first bolt in the upper wall which turns out to be perfectly fine, then a nice crack in the end, a little overhanging. After the first maillon rapide, there's around 5 to 10 meters more to climb to the top bolt, but the rock is slightly brittle. I hesitated for some time on the big ledge before committing to the last moves. — with Daniel

VIIIa Puk a vec Mixed 6Very Good

Very high first ring (10 to 12 meters), but a good sling plus small rock tunnel before that. Also quite far to the first bolt after that. Difficult section at the third glue-in on small crimps. Took me too long to decide and my hands got too sweaty, so I dropped off and I could only go for a.f. (please someone tell me if this is no longer a.f., but says it is "allowed"). — with Daniel