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Fri 11 May

Lucas Corroto updated an area and some routes at Elanora Heights and mentioned Adrian. 35 16 days ago

Updated 1 area and 8 routes.

Updated an annotation in the area Elanora Heights.
Updated annotation.

Micro area at the start of cliffline. Bolt condition unknown, with little traffic since the 90's.

Updated the route 18 Entrapment.

Added height '12'. — Added number of bolts '7'.

Updated the route 26 Trust Me I'am An Engineer.
Updated beta description.
Boulder straight up on some really solid moves then traversing left, busting a shouldery move the to finish up left to the anchors.Worth it! Bouldery Moves on good rock, over a little too soon!
Updated the route 19 Everything But The Kitchen Sink!.

Added number of bolts '7'. — Removed project flag. — Changed name from 'Everything But The Kitchen Sink(Stay Off)' name 'Everything But The Kitchen Sink!'.

Updated beta description.
Not Finished, stay clear! Hardish start to easy finish.
Updated the route 23 Osiris.
Updated beta description.
Follow the dry holds up to overhang, then straight up the feature finishing at the anchors in the middle of roof. Start can seep, however it is easy terrain on good holds.At the break simply follow the chalk to the anchors in the roof!
Edited route history.
Updated the route 29 Open Project.

Removed project flag. — Added personal grade contribution '29'. — Added personal stars ''. — Changed name from 'Project' name 'Open Project'.

Added beta description.

Ok start to hard boulder problem up to anchors inside cave. Original line here!!

Edited route history.
  • Route Setter: Scott Wilson 90s

Updated the route Project Closed.

Changed name from 'project Adrian and Lucas' name 'Project Closed'.

Updated the route ?(S) C'est Moderne (Project).
Edited route history.
  • Route Setter: Unkown

Updated the route ?(S) Abandoned Project.
Edited route history.
  • Route Setter: unkown