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Fri 11 May

CorneliusChoong ticked 23 routes at Chiang Mai. • 2690 5 weeks ago

Ticked 23 routes.

5a Short Tail Sport 12m, 7

5b Cave Man Sport 16m, 9

5c Horse's Heart Sport 11m, 6

5c The Underworld Sport 15m, 9

6a Beautiful Mess Sport 19m, 12

5c The Underground Sport 11m, 6

5c In Deep Space Sport 80m

6c+ Foaming at the Mouth Sport 13m, 6

7a Sport Satay Sport 13m, 6

6a+ Morning Glory Sport 31m, 13

6b Magic Drop Sport 18m, 8

6a+ Reindeer Request Sport 22m, 10

6a Ayah! Sport 21m, 11

6a The Thai Who Loved Me Sport 14m, 7

6b The Bamboo Finders Sport 21m, 10

6c The Beehouse Sport 27m, 12

6b+ Every Man's An Island Sport 15m, 5

5 Sideshow (1st pitch) Sport 27m, 11

6a+ Backburner Sport 24m, 11

6a+ Solarise Sport 25m, 11

6a Fire in the Mind Sport 24m, 10

6b+ Black Hole Sun Sport 30m, 15