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Fri 11 May

John Fischer logged 12 ascents from the past at Freycinet National Park. • discuss 16 days ago

Logged 12 ascents from the past.

24 American Beauty Sport 32m, 13Good

soft 24.

25 Action Replay Sport 12m, 4Very Good

short and fun! maybe the best reason to come to gracelands?

28 Stan Trad 15mVery Good

Good finger crack. Short. Placed gear on lead.

24 The Meaning of Life Sport 25m, 8Classic

Awesome but sharp. This route alone justifies going to the gonk.

29 Back Yard Surgery Sport 20mClassic

One of the best. Did it with taped up fingers. Sharp to start.

29 Entree Sport 25mClassic

Got it on a weekend! Dont need to be tall. Corner is awesome fight at the end.

28 Simply The Best Sport 20mClassic

really s quite good. Better than percolator! no glue! (edit)- too bad its a bolted crack... for the moment.

28 Street Fighter Sport 20m, 7Very Good

First 28 three months after surgery. Drilled pockets but who gives a shit?

25 The Life of Meaning Trad 35mClassic

one of the best gear routes in tassie.

28 Total Eclipse of the Heart Trad 20mVery Good

Placed the gear on lead. Some pumpy laybacks after the crux keep ya thinking!

27 The Grand Adjudicator Trad 25mClassic

One of the best. Placed gear on lead.

26 The Holy Grail Sport 40m, 9Classic