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Sat 12 May

Richard Pattison edited some topos, some areas and some routes at Cammeray. 675 11 days ago

Created 1 area, 4 routes and 5 topos and updated 1 area, 1 route and 1 topo.

Made a topo for Hobo's Haunt.
Updated a topo for Green door.
Created the area Changing Rooms.

Changed area type from 'crag' to 'boulder'.

Updated node location.

A short wall between the Changing Rooms and the set of stairs leading up to The Boulevarde


Between the changing rooms and the viaduct on the south side of the oval.

Updated the area Tunks Park.
Created the route Parked by a Punk in Tunk.

Vegetated slab

Created the route V0 Loaning the Lintel.

Changed name from 'Loaning the Lintel' name 'A Loan of the Lintel'.


Traverse across the top of the door with your feet on the lintel (the stone above the door frame).

Created the route V0 Living above the Lintel line.

Originally named 'Living above the Lintel'.

Changed name from 'Living above the Lintel' name 'Living above the Lintel line'.


The higher traverse

Created the route V0 The Stair by the chair.

Left side of the slab, up easy angle with good holds

Updated the route 20 R Some Tunk Funk.

Added personal grade contribution '20R'. — Changed route grade from '20' to '20R'.

Updated beta description.
Some nice little Delicate feet on small

edges to reach the 2 horizontal breaks half-way, the upper break has good cam placements. Some Then the crux, small sloping handholds lead up toto get above the breaks and access the final slab.